Friday, July 3, 2015

Eat Yourself Beautiful!!!


     Recently, while I was searching for some home remedies to get rid of pimples, I found a beautiful article on Natural Home remedies on pimples in the beauty section on, I was super impressed with tips and started browsing the entire site as each and every article was quite interesting. While reading one after the other for more than 2 hours continuously, suddenly I came across an Amazing article "Put your Skin On Diet". Initially I did not understand, what it meant! But after reading the entire article, I came to know that Eating well not only helps in keeping us healthy but also helps in making our skin clean and radiant.

In this article, they explained the role of diet for having the beautiful skin along with the importance of taking a balanced diet, the right combinations of food, benefits of fruits and vegetables, vitamins, minerals. I enjoyed reading it and started following  tips and as they mentioned, I could see a great improvement in the texture of my skin after 6-7 weeks. I am really thankful to them for sharing such an amazing article.
Eat Yourself Beautiful!!!
I am sharing a few tips and foods about which I read in this article and found useful as well as interesting.

1) Balanced Diet: A balanced diet is the diet which contains all the nutrients essential for the body to function optimally. This balanced diet consists of six main components: 1) Carbohydrates 2) Fats 3) Proteins 4) Vitamins 5) Minerals and 6) Water. It is important and essential to consume these six components daily in our diet to make it a balanced diet, which will improve our overall health as well as appearance. 

2) Water: This article reminded me once again about the importance of water. Hydrating the body with enough water is the key for having a flawless and glowing skin as water flush out toxins and makes the skin clear. After reading about this, I started drinking water more frequently and also downloaded the app, which reminds me every hour to drink water. So, that I will drink enough water, at regular intervals without fail. This one tip changed my entire body and skin in a much better condition.

3) Fruits and Vegetables: I know that fruits and vegetables help in giving a healthy and glowing skin, but I am not sure of the quantities in which, we need to consume on a daily basis. In this article they have mentioned the importance of the fruits and vegetables and also mentioned that we need to take 5 portions of these in different colors daily, which cleared my confusion!

4) Juicing: We cannot take few vegetables and fruits directly, as they are not at all tasty like the bitter gourd, beet-root, pumpkin, etc., The best way to consume them is by making them delightful through juicing, this is one more super interesting tip, which I learnt from this article.

5) Vitamin C: Ascorbic Acid is the available form of Vitamin C, which help in scavenging the free radicals that are responsible for premature Ageing. Consuming foods rich in Vitamin C like oranges, lime, Guava and many more can help us look younger than our age, by preventing wrinkles, fine lines, sagging of skin, etc. From the day I read about this in the article, I started consuming more oranges.

I am really very thankful for, for amazing articles like this!!! Definitely is the one stop place for all kinds of articles related to Beauty, Skin care, Hair care, Fashion, Home and Family!!!

So,Eat Yourself Beautiful!!!

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