Tuesday, July 14, 2015

My Updated Playlist With #MaxFreshMove!!!

A Mellifluous ,Melodious, Enthralling,Mesmerizing,  power is music.  The effect of music varies from person to person  and the enjoyment of music also differs from person to person. Some people   forget themselves while listening to music  whereas some people just for time pass listen to music.  The scale of enjoyment  may  be varies from human to human  even animals enjoy music.
Music is like a therapy for me.I love to listen to Music all the time and mostly I love to watch music videos,where music and dance go hand in hand.I have a big list of my favorite music videos,which I watch depending up on my mood.Sometimes I love to watch Michael Jackson's videos,sometime Shakira's or Akon's. Here is my top 10 playlist which instantly refreshes my mind,which I watch,when I am in that particular mood or situation as mentioned below.
1) When I am feeling Low- Michael Jackson - Billie Jean : I am a huge fan of Michael Jackson,I love his all albums,especially the Billie Jean album.I watch this video especially when I need some inspiration and when I am feeling Low.This is like a boost up video,which instantly awakens my mind and I can happily get back to my work,when I listen to this!!!

2) When I am extremely Happy! - Shakira - Hips Don't Lie : As I said,I Watch this video especially when I am extremely in a happy mood.It's like a party time,when I watch this.I like the magical voice of Shakira,which makes me to forget myself.I watch this at least twice a week.During my college days,this Song is to be my mobile ring tone,I just love it too much!!!

3) When I am with my Friends - Eminem - Not Afraid : I love to watch this album,when I am hanging out with my best friends.We enjoy this with some coke and popcorn.This is a lovely album by Eminem.

4) When I am alone -Akon –Lonely : This is one of my most favorite songs and it is simply magical.I replay it for more than 5 times when I watch it.I am just addicted to it.I love to watch this any time but especially when I am alone at home after a tired work or after a hectic schedule.

5) When I am with My Spouse -Jay sean –Stay : This is one album,which is liked by both of us.Both me and my husband loves to watch this video,especially during the weekends,when we stay at home all day.This is like a relaxing kind of song for us.

6) When I am a bit crazy -Michael Jackson –Thriller : This is a thriller kind of video,as the name suggests and I watch this during some get-to-gethers with friends and relatives or some times when I feel so lazy or when my mood is a bit crazy especially when I have a lot of work to do yet simply waste my time.

7) When Travelling - Jennifer Lopez - On the Floor : I am a hardcore fan of Jennifer Lopez and super crazy about her albums.I can't get enough of her videos.When I watch her videos,the time just flies away.So,an apt album to watch during travelling.

8) When On a trip - Taylor Swift- Blank Space : This is one album,which me and my friends love to watch it back to back,especially when we go on a short trip.

9) When I am Excited :Katy Perry -Dark House : This album is a super fantasy kind of album,which is super attractive.I like the wonderful picturization and even my entire family likes it.I watch it at least once,when I visit my parents place with my whole family and when I am super excited.

10)  For Every Mood -Taazgi Ka Dhamaka Music Video : This is the latest addition to my playlist,which is just amazing.The magical vocals of Anushka Manchanda when combined with the powerful moves of Allu Arjun is worth watching.I love to watch it any time in a day or any where..It is absolutely a feast for the eyes of those who enjoy music and dance.

This is my updated playlist with the wonderful addition of #MaxFreshMove video.Hope you like my playlist selection and collection!!!
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