Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Little One's #FirstLove !!!

Motherhood is the most precious time in the life of women and is truly a priceless gift from the God. During this phase, a mother has to handle many aspects and look after many things to make her little one grow into an independent and healthy adult. Motherhood is something which a mother does for her child selflessly and is the most happy as well as most challenging responsibility. It is filled not only with joy and surprises but it is also filled with tensions and excitements.

 A good nurturing is essential in the early stages right from the birth for proper growth and development of a baby. A mother takes utmost care of everything that surrounds her baby. She gives her best when it comes to her baby. She chooses everything very carefully right from the clothes, diapers, cradles, skin care products etc., All the skin care products used for the baby should be safe and should be free of harmful ingredients like Paraffins, synthetic colors, fragrances, parabens, sulphates etc.,

A good oil massaging is very important for the proper development of bones and muscles in the babies. As baby skin is more delicate and thinner than adults and proper care should be taken in choosing the effective as well as chemical free massage oil for the baby, which is good for the baby. Dabur Baby Massage Oil is one such super effective and completely safe massage oil for massaging babies. Dabur baby massage oil is enriched with the goodness of natural oils like Olive and Almond oil which are well known for their nourishing properties of the skin.

Olive Oil contains an essential fatty acid called Oleic acid, which helps in making baby’s skin permeable. So, that it absorbs the oil well and as a result the skin of the baby becomes extremely soft and supple. Olive oil also provides the baby’s skin with essential nourishment.

Almond oil is one of the best oils for massaging babies. It is rich in Vitamin A, E, B2 and B6. It contains good moisturizing and emollient properties. Massaging babies with this almond oil helps in moisturizing the delicate skin of the babies, making it extremely smooth and soft. Massaging the oil on baby’s tummy will help in relieving the indigestion problem of babies. It also relaxes the babies and helps them to get good sleep.

 Dabur Baby oil is 100 % safe and is paraffin free; fragrance free. It has no artificial colors and is dermatologically tested. Not only these, Dabur also comes in a colorful attractive packaging, which helps in engaging the babies while massaging.

Dabur Baby Massage Oil is not only every mom's Choice, but it is also every  Little One’s #FirstLove!!!

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