Saturday, July 4, 2015

We should Save Our Species from Extinction!!!

Many of us love to enjoy the scenic beauty of our nature and wild life and it is the most precious gift given to us by the God.But today the conditions are changing and in endless way  is being conspicuous in the forest without wild animals  in  the vicinity.  The size and number of wild animals is reduced day by day and no  government policies are implemented  for the growth of animals  which  causes  extinction of  wild animals. Since no society  and no government   is  initializing  any action plans  there is no scope of increasing wild animals.  Besides, we  are  reading in  newspapers  that in some places  tigers  injuring human beings and elephants  creating  rampage at some places  and this will create phobia of wild animals in the minds of people  and become reluctant to develop the race of  wild animals. Nowadays  the  zoo authorities also  not caring much  for  strong  security  to be provided to the visitors ;  this  type of   negligence  being witnessed recently  in one zoo. The development of species of some animals like white tigers,etc  also not being beheld  in our country.  Animals attack  on humans  at various  places also causing concern  for the development  or increase of wild animals. 

It is our responsibility to Save our Species from Extinction.There are many species of animals which are very near to extinction and the top 3 animals which are endangered and are at high risk of extinction are   

1) The Royal Bengal Tiger (Panthera tigris tigris) :  It is such a shameful situation to know that the National Animal of our Country is in endangered position.Over the past century,their population has been decreasing gradually due to the lack of proper habitats as well as due to extreme large scale Poaching.These tigers helps in maintaining the balance of the Ecosystem properly and their extinction may disturb the entire food chain there by leading to severe disturbances in the ecosystem.We should definitely implement right methods to conserve them immediately to maintain a healthy food chain and healthy Eco system,which in turn protects our entire planet.Not only that it is our responsibility to save our National Animal - The Royal Tiger!!!
Save Our Species from Extinction!!!
2)Asiatic Elephant (Elephas maximus) :  Elephants are the largest terrestrial animals  and they play an important role in maintaining the region's forests.The population of these Asian elephants has fallen by 50% of their original population from last 3 generations.Constructions of Dams,roads,mines,agricultural plantations,expansion of human settlements,have effected their natural habitats and hunting for tusks has gradually decreased their population and  now they are in high risk of extinction.We should stop buying items made from ivory,in order to protect these magnificent animals which are killed just for the sake of their tusks.It is our responsibility as well as our government's to conserve them by keeping their habitats intact.
Save Our Species from Extinction!!!
3) Indian Peacock (Pavo cristatus) :  These are large and colorful birds which have the power to mesmerize us with their amazing dance in rhythmic fashion along with tail display of their vibrant features.They are one of the most beautiful creatures in the nature and a symbol of grace,joy and love. Practices like illegal poaching for their meat and feathers are the known threats,which have to be controlled to conserve these beautiful birds.More over,an Indian Peacock is Our national Bird and resemble our country.So,it is our responsibility to conserve our pride!!!
Save Our Species from Extinction!!!
Not only these 3 species,but there are many other species like the Leopard,Asiatic Lioness,black buck,Malabar gliding frog,gharia,Indian wild ass,one horned rhinoceros,lion tailed Macaque,Indian Hod Deer,Indian Bull frog,Indian Wild Dog,Spectacled Cobra etc., which are nearer to extinction.As a responsible citizen,we should conserve these native species from Extinction!!!

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