Sunday, August 16, 2015

My Brother Is My Best Friend #MySiblingRocks!!!

 I am grateful to God and my parents for giving a wonderful Brother Ravi, who is always by my side since my childhood. He is 3 years younger than me and still he is so responsible and takes care of me like an elder brother. Though we fight for many silly things, still we know that we are there for each other. After my wedding, I came many miles away from my house and have been missing my parents as well as my brother very much. There are many memories with my brother, some funny moments and some touching incidents. Raksha Bandan is around the corner and today I am sharing few of my unforgettable memories with my brother with you all as #MySiblingRocks!
My Brother Is My Best Friend #MySiblingRocks!!!
My brother has a habit of playing himself and doing all mischievous things till the age of 10.Once when he was 2 years old, when my mom was feeding him in the garden, in the afternoon, suddenly he disappeared from there. My mom started shouting Ravi Ravi Ravi!!! But he didn’t respond. I, my mom, dad and my neighbors started searching for him. Finally, I found him in our car garage, playing with our driver’s bicycle, by pedaling with hands and touching the rolling back wheel. I called my mom and dad. When we all asked him about his activity what he replied was….. “I am very busy with eating sand on bicycle’s wheel’’ We got surprised at his reply with genuine answer. Since the age of two till now he always accepts his mistakes without any hesitation. My father has a lot of faith in him because of this reason, which makes me jealous over him.

 When I was 13 years old, my dad gifted me a bicycle. I was extremely happy and excited for the new bicycle. I was about to take my first ride on it but my jealous brother who was 10 year old at that time,  inflated both the tires. I was extremely dis-appointed and started crying, my father scolded him a lot. My brother felt bad for this and he tried to convince me in all the possible ways to make me laugh, but I didn’t!!! Then finally he went to a nearby cycle repairing shop and got it done. It touched my heart and that incident made me to love him much more.From then onward,he never made me to cry and he is always by my side.He is always my best friend  and I share everything with him! 

Raksha Bandan is one of the most important festivals in our house and I used to buy different and latest varieties of Raksha Bandans for him. But from last two years, after my marriage, I have been missing it and struggling a lot to find suitable rakhi to gift my brother. But this year, I am super happy that I found,which has a huge collection of wonderful Rakhi Hampers with in my budget and which delivers it at my brothers door step.So,this year I am going to surprise my brother with a lovely Rakhi Hamper from!!!

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