Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Double Entertainment With #TATASkyTransfer!!!

Now-a-days mobile phones have become an essential part of our everyday life. My day starts and ends with my mobile. Checking my mobile phone for messages and other things is my first thing to do as soon as I wake up and I continue the same till I sleep. I spend most of my time with my mobile for watching videos, movies, play games, chat with my friends, listen to music, share my pictures, stay connected with my readers etc., 

Double Entertainment With  #TATASkyTransfer!!!
I love watching reality shows, dance shows, daily serials, movies on television, but every day me and my husband fight for remote as he loves watching sports channel, which I do not like much. With the new #TATASkyTransfer feature; this is first of its kind of technology in India, which involves the Tata Sky + Transfer Set up box and Tata sky app, now I can watch my favorite shows anytime and anywhere without arguing with my husband. Not only that, there are many other benefits too. 

Benefits of Tata Sky + Transfer: 

1) Record Anything : With this Tata Sky + Transfer set up box, I can record any TV program or show and can transfer the content to my mobile or tablet and I can watch it anytime and anywhere. 

2) Relief from long waits for streaming videos: With this Tata Sky + Transfer, I can transfer the recorded video or content and watch it instantly without buffering and I can watch it in the offline mode. 

3) Watch it anywhere: Now I can watch my favorite TV shows and all-time favorite movies any time and anywhere, even when waiting for my bus or when stuck up in traffic, at work place, easily in my mobile by just transferring the recorded programs. So, no more boredom!!! 

4) Instant Streaming: Now I can stream my recorded content instantly even when someone else is watching the TV. So, no need to fight for tv remote anymore! 

5) High Definition Recording: The best thing with the Tata Sky + Transfer recording is that I can record and watch videos with High resolution and quality. So, no more watching blur and low quality videos. 

6) Multi TV Connection: Now we can connect single set up box to Multiple Televisions and pay just only for one connection through Tata Sky + Transfer. 

7) Series Recording: With the series link feature, I can record all the episodes of my favorite shows and skip the repeats. 

To know more about this Tata Sky + Transfer, watch this below video!!! 

So, you too get the new Tata Sky + Transfer set up box, which allows you to record and stream the TV shows / content directly on your mobile or tab and enjoy your favorite shows anytime and anywhere.Get the Double Entertainment With  #TATASkyTransfer!!!

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