Sunday, September 27, 2015

Give Your Home A Makeover With #PaintFinder !!!

Most of us love decorating our home every now and then with new decor items and stuff but we usually don't have much choice when it comes to painting the walls as we cannot redo it all over again and again, if something is wrong, as we cannot always invest on it!!! Sometimes we may like a particular shade while choosing on the card but we may not like it after painting it on the wall and we do not usually have any other choice to modify it and we have to adjust with it.

But now giving a makeover to our home is not only easy but also super fun with the #PaintFinder  feature from Bed Bath More paints, which allows us to choose a color and create a theme. With this feature, we can even create our own theme and see a preview of it in a virtual room. If we like a particular shade, we can instantly add it to the cart and  compare the price with different brands and different shades.
Give Your Home A Makeover With  #PaintFinder !!!

I just love bright colors in my living area, as bright colors gives me and my family positive vibrations and instantly brighten up the environment and refresh the mind ,keeps every one active. I prefer yellow, orange, pink, sky blue and light greens in the living area. I tried all light color shades in the #PaintFinder feature and showed it to my family members. We all sat together and discussed about the different shades and tried different themes in the #PaintFinder feature and visualized the makeover. Finally we all zeroed on Magic Marigold shade from Berger Paint.
Give Your Home A Makeover With  #PaintFinder !!!
The Marigold Yellow gives a fresh look to the house and gives a unique and contemporary look to the living space and the white colored roof matches perfectly to the yellow shade and the interiors of our house and furniture matched aptly with the marigold shade. My husband doesn’t agree easily but after previewing it in the paint finder, he agreed instantly. All thanks to #PaintFinder for making my task easy and fun!!!

You too give your home a Makeover with the  #PaintFinder

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