Wednesday, September 23, 2015

My Husband's #SachchiAdvice!!!


    There are some situations in our life, where we cannot take decisions on our own and need someone's help to get out of problems or situations. I used to take the advice of my parents and brother for everything before my marriage, but after I got married, my life has changed completely and my husband became my best friend and has become my entire strength. He supports me in everything and has a lot of faith in me. Whatever I ask him, he tries to give and he also advises me what is right and what is wrong! He tries to explain any difficult situation easily and helps me to take proper decision and helps to choose the right path!!!

Few years back, just after my marriage, I was in a dilemma and couldn't able to choose between two professions. I was interested in blogging from past few years and my parents didn't accept me to choose blogging as they wanted me to go in my field of biotechnology and they wanted me to continue my research. But I didn't have much interest in the research field and I was more interested in blogging than research. My husband understood me well and he gave  #SachchiAdvice and gave all freedom to choose my interested field. With full support from him, I started my cooking blog Tastyy Food ( and after a year I started my other blog which is the Sriz beauty blog ( and continuing till now without any issues. I love my blogger life and I am super happy with what I am today!!!

I would like to thank my dearest Husband for shaping up my life in a fruitful way! I am really blessed to have a husband, more importantly a best friend like him who gives #SachchiAdvice in every step of my life and helps me to develop in every phase of my life!!!

My Husband's #SachchiAdvice!!!

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