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10 Tips For Extra Beautiful Nails!!!

Most of us are very particular about our eyes, lips and even our hair. Moreover, when it comes to hands and legs, we would love to have long beautiful nails that are more beautified with a nail polish. But, the problem starts when we realize that our nails are getting color change with time or it is brittle nails or even the nail polish does not stay longer.
10 Tips For Extra Beautiful Nails!!!

Without analyzing the reason for these, we clean up our nails and apply the nail polish again to get the same result. A repeated process of the same gives you a yellow colored brittle nails that does not look beautiful at all. By taking a little extra care for the nails, you can win over all these hurdles that make your nails look worse. Listed below are 10 tips that can give you those extra beautiful nails:-

Brittle nails are one of the greatest problems faced by girls for the prime reason that they do not have strong nails. A salt bath for nails can help in sorting out this problem to a great extent. Dip your nails in a bowl of lukewarm water which has salt in it. Repeat this for a couple of weeks until you see less brittle of your nails.

Another problem faced is the color change. You might have noticed that sometimes your nail shows a yellow color. It destroys the beauty of your nails for no reason. A chamomile bath can be useful to sort this to an extent. Add a few spoons of dry chamomile blossom to two cups of hot water and let brew for 20 minutes. Dip your nails in for about 10-15 minutes. This procedure should be done three times a week. Combine with lemon juice rubs for best results.

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Are your nails not growing at a faster pace? Then, Gelatin is your bestie. It is the best remedy to make your nails grow faster. Apply Gelatin as a base coat on your nails prior applying the nail polish and then apply the polish. This helps you in making your nails grow faster and for getting long and beautiful nails.

Do not play with your cuticle. This acts as a protective layer between your nails and your nail bed. Moisturize your cuticle with cuticle oil and pamper it with a good massage twice daily. This too helps.

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Be careful while using nail polish removers. Make sure that you apply only those removers that are devoid of acetone. This chemical makes your nail weak and it breaks easily and also frequently. Brittle nails are also a result of the usage of nail polish removers with acetone.

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Eat healthy so that you do not need a chance to bite your nails nor the cuticle. Also, do not peel off the polish from your nails. If you do so, you are also removing the protective layer of the nails along with it. This makes your nails weak and discolored.

Your nails cannot be a replacement for any kind of tools. Do not use it for opening soda cans, batteries or opening any lids etc. There are chances that your nails break and it may get dismantled.

It is advisable to pamper your nails once a month with manicure as well as pedicure. Toe nails also need consideration girls. You can do it at home or you can depend on an expert beautician for the same.

Massage nails and hands with any of the essential oils to make it soft and beautiful. Jojoba oil can be a great partner for you to make your nails become healthier.

Do your nails have stains on them? Use lemon juice to remove them. Lemon juice will help in maintaining the nail color and also it makes your nails stronger, preventing from breaking.

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