Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Aroma Essentials Charcoal Soap Review!!!


Today I am reviewing one of my favorite products from Aroma Essentials which is their Charcoal Soap,which is meant for reducing acne and pimples.
Aroma Essentials Charcoal Soap Review!!!
Price : INR 200
Quantity : 1 unit
Shelf Life : 6 months 
Aroma Essentials Charcoal Soap Review!!!
About the Brand : Aroma Essentials is a range of skin care products that may make a useful addition to your daily skin care regimen. These include cleansers, sunscreens, moisturizers, exfoliants, facial cleansers, toners, retenoids, herbal and nutrient supplements, and cosmetics.Natural handmade skin and hair care products

All their products are freshly handmade in small batches using the finest natural ingredients.They do not use harsh chemicals like petroleum or mineral oil.the color and scent of their products occur naturally from their ingredients and essential oils.no artificial colors and scents are added.store in a cool dry place away from sunlight.

Know more about them here and here.
Aroma Essentials Charcoal Soap Review!!!
Packaging :  It comes in a normal plastic wrap packaging.
Aroma Essentials Charcoal Soap Review!!!
Availability : You can buy it from here or call them at 9886497272/7760988272
Aroma Essentials Charcoal Soap Review!!!
My Views On the Product : This Aroma Essentials Charcoal soap is a rose shaped grey colored soap with a soft texture. This has a  very refreshing mint kind of fragrance.It is completely natural and sulfate free and so it lathers moderately but deep cleanses the skin from with in super effectively.It removes all the dirt and grime thoroughly. This is enriched with the goodness of  Activated charcoal known for its purifying properties along with Strawberry seed powder.It gives a nice squeaky clean feel to the skin.It also has  good exfoliating properties too and removes the dead skin well.This help in keeping acne in check,especially the acne on back.It doesn't dry out the skin like those of other normal soaps.It is super affordable for its good properties.I highly recommend this to those who are suffering with acne and pimples and to those who have acne prone and sensitive skin.It is preservative free and also free from other harmful ingredients.It is safe to use on the face too.This is one of the best soaps I have used so far!!!
Aroma Essentials Charcoal Soap Review!!!

Sriz Rating : 5/5 

Final Conclusion about Aroma Essentials Neem Face Wash : Those who are looking for a good effective natural soap for effective cleansing,for reducing acne and pimples,should give this a try!!!

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*PR Sample : However it did not effect my opinion!

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