Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Discovering #RealTogetherness!!!

The advancement in the technology has brought a drastic change in our lifestyle. It has both positive and negative effect on our lives. It has enhanced our communication system with the people who are far away, it helped in connecting friends and relatives, it has made our life much easy and simpler. But at the same time, because of this technology,we are missing the real experiences of spending time with people, real joy of playing with friends and the Real Togetherness with our loved ones!!!

In my childhood, I and my brother used to play for hours together with our neighboring kids and friends. we used to play different outdoor and indoor games like running, cricket, tennikoit, carrom board, chess, snakes and ladders, puzzles, word building and what not! We used to spend most of the time outside our house sometimes in the garden, sometimes in the nearby park and sometimes in our friends home. We used to collect different varieties of leaves, flowers, feathers and we used to keep them secretly in between the pages of books.  But now-a-days, kids are spending their time simply by sticking to the electronic gadgets for playing games and they have no time to spend with other kids and friends. There is no chance of real enjoyment in today's world.

Not only kids and children but also, we ourselves are not having enough time to spend with our friends, relatives and neighbors directly but we only keep in touch with them through our phones and social networking sites. Not only with others, sometimes we do  not even have time to spend with our family members too as we will be always busy with our mobiles and smart phones. When we go on a trip or a tour, we instantly click pictures of wonderful nature, beautiful places etc., but we are unable to know that we are actually missing the real experience of enjoying nature’s beauty in live. The latest trend is to click selfies with everyone and everything we meet, but what about spending time with them??? as most of the time gets wasted in taking the perfect selfie.

The Joy of #RealTogetherness comes only when we share our joy, sorrow, happiness with our friends, when we spend time for others, when we help others when they are in need. There is so much to learn from the mother nature and there is a lot to show from the nature to our children .We should take a step forward in showing our children, the real experiences and the real world . We need to teach them that there is a lot beyond to learn from what they actually see!We should teach them about the importance of planting trees,watering them and should make them associate more with nature.It helps them to build an awareness about plants and tress,helps them to get close to the real and natural environment.

We should also change ourselves and take a break from the digital life, especially from the clutches of the smart phone  and should develop the habit of spending quality time, sharing the real emotions with family members, with neighbors, friends and build a meaning full relationships.

Take the initiative and discover the joy of #RealTogetherness

Watch this brilliant Kissan India video with an important message for reviving the joy of #RealTogetherness

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