Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Iha Acne Face Wash Review!!!

Few weeks back,I have reviewed my first product Biospume Shampoo from Iha and today I am reviewing my second product from Iha which is their Acne Face wash,which is enriched with natural oils & extracts of neem,tulsi and red sandal wood.
Iha Acne Face Wash Review!!!
About the brand : IHA-A line personal & beauty care product is extension of Authentic Ayurveda into personal & beauty care. All the IHA products are strictly based on the basic principles of Ayurveda & Holistic Healing i.e. Panch Bhootas (5 Elements - Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Ether), Three Life Forces, Tridoshas (Three Imbalances - Vata. Pitta & Kapha), Tridosha correction Therapy & establishing a balance between Macrocos & Microcosm.
The IHA products are made with due respect to ayurvedic traditions & more focus is given on the use of traditional ayurvedic preparations to make authentic, effective, beauty treatments, utilizing time tested & proven ayurevedic herbs & the claims made for their therapeutic values can be tested on strict international parameters of modern time.
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Iha Acne Face Wash Review!!!
Price : INR 140
Quantity : 125 ml
Iha Acne Face Wash Review!!!
Packaging :This face wash comes in a transparent bottle with a push up cap,with in a outer carton.
Iha Acne Face Wash Review!!!
Iha Acne Face Wash Review!!!
Color and Texture : This is a pale orange colored gel kind of face wash.
Iha Acne Face Wash Review!!!
What the Product Claims :
 Infused with  very potent & strong antibiotic & anti-inflammatory herbal actives like Neem, Tulsi, Red Sandal & Aloe Vera, IHA Acne Wash offers a complete ayurvedic and very effective treatment for acne & oily Skin. IHA - Acne Wash is a holistic treatment for oily & acne prone skin as it acts on all the main causes of the unbalances of oily & acne prone skin like oil secretion, keratinocytes proliferation, inflammation & bacterial proliferation associated with acne. When used regularly it cleanses facial skin of all the oily secretions & makes the skin dry, clean & fresh for long hours. It's herbal actives also regulate secretion of excessive oils from oil glands so that there is less chances of bacterial growth associated with acne. Healing herbs like Aloe & Jhari Haldi help in quick healing of inflammations, diminishing of acne & pimple marks & promotes  healthy, soft, smooth & acne free facial skin.
Iha Acne Face Wash Review!!!
Iha Acne Face Wash Review!!!
Availability : Available  from many online stores.You can but it here .
How to Use : Apply Iha Acne Wash on wet face.Gently Massage in circles with fingertips to work up lather.Wait for few seconds and rinse off with fresh water.
Iha Acne Face Wash Review!!!
Ingredients : Neem,tulsi,aloe leaf,red sandal wood & gel base q.s.
Iha Acne Face Wash Review!!!
My View On the Product : This face wash comes in a sturdy travel friendly bottle with in a outer carton.It is in pale orange color with a gel consistency.It has a mild orange fragrance which I love!!!It lathers moderately and cleanses the skin thoroughly removing every bit of dirt and oil effectively.It also controls oil for longer hours.It hydrates the skin well with out drying out the skin.It is very mild and gentle on the skin.It is enriched with the goodness of neem,tulsi,aloe and red sandal wood,which are known ingredients for reducing acne and pimples as well as for improving skin texture.After using this face wash,my skin looks smooth and supple with a healthy glow.It doesn't give any stretchy feel to the skin.It is free from parabens and other harmful ingredients.It is eco-friendly and is cruelty free.
Iha Acne Face Wash Review!!!
Pros :
1) Cleanses skin thoroughly
2) Mild and gentle on the skin
3) Removes the oil,dirt from the skin effectively
4) Controls oil effectively 
5) Mild  orange Fragrance
6) Sturdy and travel friendly packaging
7) Lathers decently
8) Gives a nice glow to the skin
9) Enriched with the goodness of herbal ingredients
10) Cruelty free
11) controls Acne and pimples to considerable extent
12) Affordable price
13) Free from harmful ingredients
14) Suits all skin types
15) Longer Shelf life

Cons :
1) None

Sriz Rating : 5/5

Final Conclusion about Iha Acne Face Wash : Overall,a good ayurvedic face wash which cleanses the skin effectively and controls acne and face wash to good extent!!!

*PR Sample : However it didn't effect my Opinion.

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