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Anherb Natural High Tan Protection Sunscreen with SPF 40 - TPI 90 Review!!!


   Today I am reviewing Anherb Natural High Tan Protection Sunscreen with SPF 40 - TPI 90,which is my current favorite Sunscreen.It is like a savior for me in my recent trip to my hometown.My mom too liked it and she told to order one for her.It is photo stable, Water resistant and has UV A1,UV A2 and UV B protection.
Anherb Natural Sunscreen with SPF 40 - TPI 90
What the Brand Says : The world might have given you numerous things like ornaments, apparels and many more to enhance your beauty and flaunt it.. But what nature gave you, your original skin, your original asset is something you should be proud of and show off.
We, at Anherb, make sure that your natural beauty forever stays with you. And that's why we bring the best of nature, the best and rarest of the natural herbs from all over India, that beautifies the original you.Go ahead and flaunt the 'BEAUTIFUL YOU'.
Anzalp Herbal Products Pvt. Ltd., racing ahead since the time of its inception, was born out of a well-established and diversified group of companies that made remarkable name in the field of pharmaceutical trade in India and abroad. Our global forays include product export to UAE, Russia, UK and the USA. We are making powerful strides in the world cosmetic scene by launching our products in India with many unique selling points and aspire to hold a sizable share of the market sooner than later!!!

You can check more about them here and here.
Anherb Natural Sunscreen with SPF 40 - TPI 90
Price : INR 225

Quantity : 50 gm

Shelf Life : 3 years from MFG
Anherb Natural Sunscreen with SPF 40 - TPI 90

Packaging : It comes in an attractive tube packaging with a flip cap.
Anherb Natural Sunscreen with SPF 40 - TPI 90

Color and Texture : This is a white colored  cream.
Anherb Natural Sunscreen with SPF 40 - TPI 90
What the product Claims :Light, Quick absorbing lotion with essential moisturizer. Sun Screen (SPF 40 ) -UAV1, UAV2, UVB filters provides balanced & broad spectrum protection from harmful sunrays even in water.                                                                                                                                                                  
  • High Tan Protection : Anherb Natural Sunscreen Lotion with intense sun screens - protects against UV-A1, UV-A2, and UV-B, Contains natural ingredients like.
  • Sunflower Extract : High in Vitamin A, C & D with Beta-Carotenes. Combination of such elements act to nourish, rehydrate and rejuvenate skin cells.
  • Vitamin E : Protects skin against free radicals thus delays signs of aging.
  • Aloe Vera : Helps to soothe and rehydrate skin.
  • TPI : ( Tan Protection Index ) Higher TPI means better protection from tanning. The photo stable formula works even after splash of water.
  • Matte Effect : Gives you oil free, non sticky look.      
Anherb Natural Sunscreen with SPF 40 - TPI 90
Ingredients : Vitamin E, Sunflower Extract.Aloevera
Anherb Natural Sunscreen with SPF 40 - TPI 90
Directions for Use : Before going out in the open sun even on cloudy days, apply generously to the exposed area of your body like face, hands, feet & back.
Anherb Natural Sunscreen with SPF 40 - TPI 90
My Views On the Product : Sunscreen is a must for me in any season and this Anherb Sunscreen with SPF 40 -TPI 90 is one of the best sunscreen I have used so far.It has a very mild fragrance and has a very light consistency.It is easy to apply and it doesn't give that devilish white cast,which many other sunscreens give.It has TPI  90( Tanning Protection Index) which means that it gives extreme protection from tanning and SPF 40 is good enough for those who stay outdoor for longer hours.It is photo stable and so stays on the face for longer hours in spite of sweating or after splashing of water.I helps in protecting skin against tanning.I have combination skin and it suits my skin perfectly.It is enriched with the goodness of Sunflower Extract,Vitamin E and Aloevera.It has both UVA and UV B protection.So,it has got the complete solution to prevent ski from harmful Sunrays. It is a very decent Sunscreen with multiple benefits at an affordable price.It can also be applied on Hands,feet and back along with face.

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Anherb Natural Sunscreen with SPF 40 - TPI 90
Sriz Rating : 4.9/5 

Final Conclusion about Anherb Natural Sunscreen with SPF 40 - TPI 90 : Those who are looking for a budget friendly Sunscreen which has got a complete Sun protection factors should definitely give this a try!!!

You can buy it here.

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