Saturday, November 21, 2015

Grandfather You are Truly #madeofgreat!!! Contest closed!!!

Life is an ever learning lesson and we learn different things in every step of our life.We meet several people in this journey, we hear& read about different persons who achieved success in their respective fields.We often observe very few people depict their lives in a most emulating manner.We always adopt such a great people's lives and lead our lives in a happiest and peaceful manner.Some special persons becomes our inspiration and few remain as our role models.In my life,I got inspired by many people like Swami Vivekananda,Jawaharlal Nehru,Mother Teresa,Abdul Kalam and so on...!!! But if I have to say one person name from whom I learnt most  important lessons for life,then I will definitely  say its my maternal Grand Father!!!
Grandfather You are Truly #madeofgreat!!!

My grandfather was born in a very poor family and he lost his father when he was 4 years old.He has an elder as well as a younger sister too.His mother struggled hard to get money to feed her three children and sometimes she used to sleep with empty stomach.The same story continued for some 5 to 6 years.My grand father felt bad seeing his mother working like a slave in a factory.When he attained the age of 11,he started to work in a general store,where he helped them to pack the pulses and stuff.Then in the morning he used to work as a paper boy in a news paper agency,where he used to deliver news paper to the people's home in the early morning. He used to study at home,in the night with the help of his friend,who helped in teaching the basics like alphabets,numbers etc.,His friend used to give his books in the night,so that my grand pa can read them and return in the morning.He continued doing the same till the age of 20.

Then he worked further hard and with immense self confidence,he worked day and night,and in the span of just 4 years,he was able to buy the entire paper agency in his town.He worked really hard in developing the agency and in the span of 5 years,he bought the paper agency of the entire district,he became the PTI  (Press Trust of India),AIR (All India Radio) Correspondent,He became one of the richest persons in the town.Now,I am really glad to be his grand daughter.

He always teaches me 3 things which are 1) Believe in your self 2) Spend money only for the necessary things 3) Never waste food .He follows the same till now and he always helps all his grand daughters and sons to choose the right path.I always follows his advice and his advice always helped me to grow further and helped to achieve success.

Grand Father you are truly  #madeofgreat and I am thankful to you forever!!!

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