Thursday, January 28, 2016

#LoveAndLaughter with My Better Half!!!

Life changes as the time passes by and the life before marriage and after marriage varies a lot.It can be easy to have a romantic and happy fun life in the initial day but once the initial spark ends,it is a bit challenging and need some time as well as effort to keep the relationship alive!!! Diving through the memories also helps us to bring back those good olden days!
#LoveAndLaughter with My Better Half!!!
As Valentines Day is around the corner,today I am going to share one of those memories with you all as a part of CaratLane #LoveAndLaughter activity!!!

Ours is an arranged marriage and we will be celebrating our 3rd year of togetherness on February 14th yes....its not only Valentine's Day for us but also our Wedding Anniversary Day! There are many situations we fought for silly things and there are many other situations we laughed at silly things.But there is one situation where a laughter made the most scary situation into the most wonderful and memorable situation.

Last year when we were at my in laws place,which is in a remote area where only we can see very few people and houses.I love the place very much as it is a beautiful scenic place,in between fields and mountain.My Mom in law was not feeling well that time and so we went there to stay for few days to help her to recover from her illness.She was unable to stand and so I went to the kitchen to cook some food for her and for us.I was busy in chopping the vegetables and other chores,my husband was busy in arranging the things in the living area.Suddenly when I turned back I was shocked to see a big Monkey strolling into the kitchen.I was in complete shock and stood like a statue with out any movement. The monkey started eating the corn aggressively which was lying just 3 feet distance from me.Then my husband who came into the kitchen for drinking water started laughing loudly with out doing anything.The monkey stopped eating and started starring at my husband as if something was wrong with him. I started laughing seeing the reaction on monkey's face.After seeing us both laughing like mad people,monkey got afraid and ran out of the kitchen. Me and my husband continued laughing for almost 30-40 minutes after the monkey left the place.

When I asked my husband,why did he laugh like that when he saw the monkey instead of getting frightened? Then he told that he was first tensed but when he saw me standing like a statue,he got laugh and started laughing!!! But just because of that laugh,we both are safe from the monkey and not only that it made our relationship a little more livelier  and beautiful!!! 

This is my #LoveAndLaughter with My Better Half!!!

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