Tuesday, March 8, 2016

My Dream Wardrobe Design!!!


     I always dream of having a wonderful house with well-designed interiors. But here in Bangalore space is the main constraint. Everything needs to be designed in a limited area, where there are very limited choices and storing is the first major issue. A well designed closet without occupying extra space is a must in every room, I have been searching for the best compact Wardrobe Designs for our living area, Bedrooms, Dressing Room, Bathrooms and Dinning area and among them Dressing Area is something which I am dreaming from a very long time, because this is the place where I spend a lot of time and where my passion lies. So, I have been searching intensively from last few days and found out few designs, which I am going to show you all in this post.

 Living Area: This is the main area of any house, which is seen by everyone who visits our house. So, this should be bright and lively. So, I am planning to keep this area fresh at the same time sophisticated. So, I choose the below design for it, without any clumsiness. The contemporary wall behind the couch will be designed with cabinets with sliding doors which completes Buddha image ( as shown in picture) or some other image ( some floral wall paper) when closed. The T.V. table also have compartments to store stuff like newspapers etc.,
Bedrooms: I want the master bedroom to be simple yet refreshing. I love it to be bright at the same time pleasant. So, I choose a white and beige combination, similar to the below design. I will have wardrobes on two sides. One beside the bed and other one on the opposite corner of the bed, with sliding doors. There will be mini tables with cabinets on either sides of the bed.
And for the children/guest bedroom, I want it to be colorful. So, I am planning for a design similar to the below image, but may be instead of red, I may go for pink or purple. On one side there will be a large wardrobe with similar color combinations and the bed will be obviously with hydraulic storage one where I can store all the bed sheets, comforters and quilts in it.

Bathrooms: This is one of the toughest one to select as our bathrooms were very small and I am restricted to select only compact designs. It took me two weeks to get the one I am looking for and finally zeroed on the below one. This is for the master bedroom. Though our bath room is smaller than the one in the picture, but I am planning for the same design with in that space.
And for the children/guest bedroom bathroom, I am planning for a simple basic one.

Kitchen: One more important part of a house and the place where I start and end each & every day. So, I want it to be very refreshing with in the compact size. So, I am planning for something similar to the below design.

Dressing Room: Last but the most important one in my view is to select the most awesome design for my dressing room. But as usual I am restricted to select compact one for this too but I am not going to compromise in this aspect. So, I selected the below design, but the Mirror wardrobe will be on the opposite side of the  open wardrobe, as we have less space for it.
So, these are the different and unique wardrobe designs which I selected after a long research. Hope you like it. Please let me know in the comment section, if you like these   wardrobe designs or not!!!

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