Friday, April 29, 2016

My Memories with #MyInternTheory!!!


   Life is an ever changing process and we need to change accordingly. Everyone will dream of their future in some or the other stage of their life. But it is not that easy to chase our dreams, it needs a lot of hard work, passion, dedication and a bit of luck to achieve it.
My Memories with  #MyInternTheory!!!
Like every other person, I also have dreams about my future, when I was in my college. From childhood I love science subject and mathematics is always a night mare for me. I struggled hard in my school to get through the mathematics exam in each class till 10 th standard. By God's grace I successfully got through it every time, it was just my luck that helped me, but not my hard work at all. Once I am done with my class 10, I am relieved from all the tensions that I got because of the Mathematics subject as I selected science group in my class 11 or Intermediate.

Then I started dreaming about my future and planning about my career. I used to be an average student till 10th standard and suddenly from intermediate, I used to get either 1st or 2nd in the class and I have never looked back again till my post-graduation, I was always in the merit list. The only thing that drove me to the merit list is my love towards science and my passion towards it. While I was in my last semester of my post-graduation, for the first time, I prepared my first curriculum vitae (CV) with lot of confusion & editing and for the first time, I applied for an internship in the research and development department. I haven't finished my post-graduation yet but still I applied casually. One day I got a call letter from the company and I attended the interview. Luckily in my first attempt, I got selected and they offered me 6 months internship, which I can do it as a part time, like in the afternoon. So, that I can manage both studies and training.

And the day when I first received my first salary or internship, I was on the cloud nine. I felt as if I achieved everything in my life. Though it was a very little amount, still I felt like a millionaire, that one day and that one salary is so special to me and the most memorable day in my life. Though I worked only for 6 months there, still that was the best job in my career. With that little amount, I bought small gifts to my mother, father and brother. That one day in my life gave tons and tons of happiness and satisfaction that is sufficient for the entire life.

The only tip or suggestion, which I can give to all youngsters, is to keep faith in you and be confident. Always try to step ahead, even though you feel that you are incapable but never step back. The other most important thing is to act immediately and never delay any thing as time is so precious!!!

so, these are my memories with  #MyInternTheory!!!

“I’m sharing my first internship experience for the #MyInternTheory activity at BlogAdda in association with Intern Theory.”

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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Style Your Holiday With Limeroad & Me - closed !!!


     I am back with one more interesting contest and this time the contest is all about your creativity on and one lucky winner wins 500 LimeRoad shopping credits .The rules are very simple.

1) Follow Sriz Beauty Blog on Facebook. You can do it here.
2) Log on to on desktop or from their mobile App.If you don't have an account,create one!
3) Click on Create Scrap Book icon on the right corner side of the screen.
4) Choose any Holiday Template and create a look.Before saving the look tag that look as #StyleYourholiday and #Sriramani, so that your entries get counted.
5) Share it on your social media channels with same tags #StyleYourholiday , #Sriramani .

Comment below once you have done all the steps!!!

That's it. One lucky winner will get 500 LimeRoad shopping credits,with which they can shop on

Style Your Holiday With Limeroad & Me  !!!
So, participate asap as this contest will run only till 30th of April!!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Banjara's Skin +ve Beauty Cream Review!!!


   Today I am reviewing the newly launched Skin +ve Beauty Cream from the brand Banjara's. This cream is enriched with the goodness of pomegranate extracts and comes with SPF 15 and PA++.
Banjara's Skin +ve Beauty Cream Review!!!
What the Brand Says : 
Brand Banjara’s was launched in 1993 with line of products that are predominantly herbal powders. The aim was to provide quality herbal powders for beauty care in a largely unorganised category.Today Banjara’s has grown from having 6 products at its inception to about 60 products across 12 product categories. Banjara’s is now a well-known brand and its products are available across all the south Indian markets as well as several e-retailers and beauty parlors..For more details You can check out here and here.
Banjara's Skin +ve Beauty Cream Review!!!
Price : INR 100
Quantity : 40 gm
Banjara's Skin +ve Beauty Cream Review!!!
Packaging : It comes in a  cute slender tube packaging with a narrow nozzle & a screw cap,with in a outer carton.
Banjara's Skin +ve Beauty Cream Review!!!
Color and Texture : This is a pale pink colored light weight cream with a super pleasant scent.
Banjara's Skin +ve Beauty Cream Review!!!
What the product Claims : Now switch to Banjara's skin +ve beauty cream and move to a positive world,where you wear your skin with pride. This beauty cream adds to your natural beauty by making it healthy,youthful and flawless.
Banjara's Skin +ve Beauty Cream Review!!!
Banjara's Skin +ve Beauty Cream Review!!!
 Key Ingredients : Olive oil,glycerine,Yashad bhasma, pomegranate fruit extract,Vitamin E, Wheat germ oil,Vitamin A,Provitamin B5.
Banjara's Skin +ve Beauty Cream Review!!!
My View On the Product :    I have used many products from Banjara's before especially in my college days.Recently they have launched two new products in the Skin +ve is the beauty cream and other is the body lotion.Today I will be reviewing the Skin +ve beauty cream,which I am using from past 4-5 weeks in place of a day cream.This cream comes in a slender tube with a nozzle, which dispenses only a small amount of product each time with out any wastage.The cream is in baby pink color and has a strong floral scent ,which I love it.The cream has a very thin consistency similar to a serum and it gets absorbed quite easily into the skin with out much effort.It doesn't feel sticky or greasy at all and suits all types of skin.It hydrates the skin well with out being heavy.It makes skin smooth and supple.It contains SPF 15 and PA++, so it takes care of complete sun protection,without the need of any separate sun screens.It contains the goodness of pomegranate extracts which helps in repairing and firming the skin effectively.It also contains olive oil and wheat germ oil which helps in hydrating the skin and improving its elasticity.I love the fact that this cream comes with out false claims of whitening etc., and it just claims of what it does like making the skin blemish free and smooth,so that it looks youthful and flawless.It is priced at a very reasonable price of INR 100 for 40 gm. A little goes a long way and so this 40 gm tube lasts very long.It serves as a good hydrating base under makeup.
Banjara's Skin +ve Beauty Cream Review!!!

Pros Of Banjara's Skin +ve Beauty Cream : 
  1. Light texture
  2. Gets easily absorbed
  3. Floral scent
  4. Comes with SPF 15 and PA++
  5. Makes skin smooth and supple
  6. Hydrates the skin well
  7. Serves as a good base uder makeup
  8. Doesn't feel heavy or greasy
  9. Little goes a long way
  10. Contains the goodness of Pomegranate, olive and wheat germ oil
  11. No  animal testing
  12. Non-allergic
  13. Travel friendly packaging
  14. Very Affordable
  15. Suits all skin types
  16. Easy availability
Cons Of Banjara's Skin +ve Beauty Cream :
  1. No complete ingredient list
Sriz Rating : 4.5/5

Final Conclusion about Banjara's Skin +ve Beauty Cream : Those who are  looking for a complete beauty cream which helps in nourishing the skin by all means,along with sun protection with in a budget,should try this Skin +ve Beauty cream from Banjara's especially  in this Summers!!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Save Money While You Shop Online!!!


   I love shopping all the time, especially online shopping and it has become the most important part of my life, as it is the most convenient way to shop .I love to shop more when there is a sale going on, so that I can buy more products at the same price. But there won't be offers all the time and moreover there may not be offers on the favorite products. Recently I came across, where we get cash back, when we shop online on the site!!! This includes getting savings on cosmetics, skincare, hair care, and more!
Save Money While You Shop Online!!! not only give us a chance to buy our favorite products at great deals but also give us a guaranteed cashback from our purchase from 300+ online stores like Amazon, Snapdeal, Ebay, etc., and the percentage of cashback depends upon the site from which we are shopping, for example If we shop on we get 7.4 % Cash Back and if we shop on Snapdeal,we get 6.6 % cashback. There is a complete list on Shopback about the percentage of cashback on different sites. So, we get a portion of our purchase back to us in form of cash back!
Save Money While You Shop Online!!!
For this we just need to sign up with our email address, login into the site and then choose the appropriate site from where we want to shop like Amazon or Snapdeal etc., click on the particular site tab. It redirects us to the actual site, where we can shop as usual and make a purchase as we do generally. Then the percentage of cash back which we got on our particular purchase can be seen in the pending tab on Shopback site within 48 hrs and the money gets deposited in our shopback account within 30-60 days once the actual site from where we purchased validates our purchase!
Save Money While You Shop Online!!!

We can request Shopback for payout when we reach a threshold of INR 200/- That’s it!!!

So, save money while shopping Online!!!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Kallos Aloevera Gel Review!!!


   Today I am reviewing one more product from Kallos,which is their Aloe Vera Gel.It is a intensive nourishing treatment with vitamin A, which can be used for the face as well as entire body.
Kallos Aloevera Gel Review!!!
What the Brand Says :  Haldiram, entering the segment of beauty care/family care, has taken up the objective to be a leader in the category under the new brand name - "kallos".Kallos is committed to bring absolute beauty care for the masses with quality as our motto and customer satisfaction as our objective. we believe in delivering results. our team, consisting of the best consultants, aims at creating innovative products and meeting the needs of our consumers.Kallos is a greek word that essentially implies beauty. we use the best systems and innovative techniques to ensure that our users are the ultimate beneficiaries, with eye catching hair and body.
To know more about them,You can check out their Website .
Kallos Aloevera Gel Review!!!

Price : INR 70
Quantity : 60 ml
Shelf life : 3 years from MFG
Kallos Aloevera Gel Review!!!
Packaging : This comes in a colorful tube packaging with a screw cap.
Kallos Aloevera Gel Review!!!
Color and texture : It is a pale green colored soft gel.
Kallos Aloevera Gel Review!!!
Ingredients :  Aloe vera juice, D M water, Carbopol. Glycerin, Prop. glycol, Dmdm Hydontoin, EDTA, Imido Urea.Tea,Niacinamide,D- Panthanol,Vitamin A, Fragrance.
Kallos Aloevera Gel Review!!!
What the Product Claims : Recommended for Itchy or flaky skin, dry & tanned skin, Sensitive & dull skin,Hyper pigmented skin,excess oily skin.
Kallos Aloevera Gel Review!!!
Direction :  Apply sufficient quantity on the face and exposed areas of the skin for long lasting effects.Use daily!!!
Kallos Aloevera Gel Review!!!
  • My View On the Product : This Kallos Aloe vera comes in a convenient and sturdy tube packaging with a screw cap,which is one thing which I really like as most of the other aloe vera gels comes in a tub packaging,which is unhygienic to use .It has the natural aloe vera fragrance.It is a pale green colored soft gel.Recently due to some hormonal problems,the skin on my neck has suddenly got extremely dry and started peeling.I was a bit scared and thought of visiting the doctor.Mean while I applied this Kallos Aloe vera gel,as I thought it will cool down the burning sensation in the area where I got the infection.I continued applying the gel 4-5 times a day for 2 days continuously and surprisingly my dry patch got vanished and my skin came back to normal condition and there is no sign of dry patch or skin,on the 3rd day when I am supposed to visit the doctor and so I canceled the appointment.From that day I am super impressed with this gel.Not that I am saying that only this particular gel will do the miracle but I whole heartedly say that this gel is in pure form and it is very effective against itching and dryness.It cools down the irritated skin with in seconds of application and gives a good relief.It is a must have for summers.I have used aloe vera gel from many brands till date but I can strongly say this is one of the best one! The price is also fine but for some it may be a bit high.Along with the goodness of aloe vera juice it also contains Vitamin A in it.
  • Kallos Aloevera Gel Review!!!
  • Sriz Rating : 4.7/5
Final Conclusion about Kallos Aloevera Gel!!! : Those who have extreme dry skin or those who are suffering from skin irritation,redness and burning sensation should give this gel a try!!!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Ayur Sens Naturals Royal Saffron Handmade Bathing Bar Review!!!


    Recently I have reviewed the Oatmeal Honey Bathing bar from Ayur Sens Naturals and today I am reviewing one more soap from the brand which is their Royal Saffron Handmade Bathing Bar with essential oils.This Soap is from their Exotica Collection!
Ayur Sens Naturals Royal Saffron Handmade Bathing Bar Review!!!
What the Brand AyurSens Says :We named our company AyurSens to recognize that our formulations derived from Ayurvedic recipes are blended with utmost care to create products that will delight your senses. AyurSens is our promise and guarantee of complete product satisfaction!AyurSens has built the manufacturing plant in conformance with US FDA's Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Guidelines.Our products reflect the quality of our ingredients, and we take great care in the procurement of the purest natural ingredients, from both owned and leased sources. Most of our natural herbal ingredients are grown in our own gardens in the lush green Doon valley, nestled at the foothills of the Shivalik range. AyurSens endeavors to create the purest natural Ayurvedic products.Your complete satisfaction is very important for us. In the unlikely instance of less than complete satisfaction with any of our products, please return them to our distribution office for a full refund. 

To know more about the Ayursens Naturals.You can check out their Website as well as their Facebook Page
Ayur Sens Naturals Royal Saffron Handmade Bathing Bar Review!!!
Price : INR 125
Quantity :100 gm
Shelf life : 2 years from MFG
Ayur Sens Naturals Royal Saffron Handmade Bathing Bar Review!!!
Packaging :It comes in a simple plastic wrap packaging with  labels on either sides about the details of the bar.It has a hologram on top.
Ayur Sens Naturals Royal Saffron Handmade Bathing Bar Review!!!
Ayur Sens Naturals Royal Saffron Handmade Bathing Bar Review!!!
Color and Texture : This is a yellow colored soap with saffron strands inside.
Ayur Sens Naturals Royal Saffron Handmade Bathing Bar Review!!!

What the Product Claims :
AyurSens Royal Saffron is an exquisite bathing bar enriched with the goodness of exotic Kashmiri saffron, the most precious spice in the world. Saffron has been used in skin care from times immemorial and is known to impart smoothness and radiance. Pamper your skin with a golden glow and an enchanting aroma that lingers all day long. According to Excerpts from the Oldest Ayurvedic Treatise ‘Charakh Samhita’ ‘Saffron gives a healthy glow and imparts brightness to the body.’
Availability : Available in few online stores,You can buy it from here.
Ayur Sens Naturals Royal Saffron Handmade Bathing Bar Review!!!
Add captionAyur Sens Naturals Royal Saffron Handmade Bathing Bar Review!!!
Ingredients : Soap base, Glycerin, Castor oil, Kashmiri saffron and its extracts.
Ayur Sens Naturals Royal Saffron Handmade Bathing Bar Review!!!
My View On the Product : This Royal Saffron bathing Bar comes wrapped in a plastic film with labels on either side with all the details about the soap.This soap is from their Exotica collection.The soap is in yellow color with smooth texture and has saffron strands inside it.It lathers very well with a rich creamy foam which cleanses the skin thoroughly yet gently,making it squeaky clean and gives a good nourishment to the skin. It has a very mild natural essential oil fragrance which is very soothing.It makes skin extremely smooth and gives a nice brightening effect over also helps in preventing tan to some extent on regular usage.It is quite moisturizing and it doesn't dry out the skin.Like the other variant,the ingredient list of this soap  is also super impressive.As it doesn't contain any preservative or artificial hardeners,it may melt easily,so we need to store it properly in a dry place.It is free from parabens and other harmful chemicals.It is a bit pricey,but once you use it,you won't regret buying it at that price. 
Ayur Sens Naturals Royal Saffron Handmade Bathing Bar Review!!!
Pros Of Ayur Sens Naturals Royal Saffron Handmade Bathing Bar  :
  1. Cleanses the skin thoroughly
  2. Makes skin smooth and supple
  3. Hydrates the skin well
  4. Helps in prevening tan to some extent
  5. Contains the goodness of kashmiri saffron, glycerin,castor oil
  6. Longer shelf life
  7. No parabens, SLS and other harmful ingredients
  8. Mild  fragrance
  9. Against animal testing
  10. Lathers very well
  11. Retains its shape
  12. Impressive ingredient list
Cons Of Ayur Sens Naturals Royal Saffron Handmade Bathing Bar  :
  1. Limited availability
  2. Bit pricey but total worth
Sriz Rating : 4.7/5
Ayur Sens Naturals Royal Saffron Handmade Bathing Bar Review!!!
Final Conclusion about Ayur Sens Naturals Royal Saffron Handmade Bathing Bar: I am super impressed with Ayur sens naturals soaps and this is one more wonderful soap which does a decent job of cleansing the skin with out drying out and it also prevents tanning to good extent!!!