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Banjara's Skin +ve Beauty Cream Review!!!


   Today I am reviewing the newly launched Skin +ve Beauty Cream from the brand Banjara's. This cream is enriched with the goodness of pomegranate extracts and comes with SPF 15 and PA++.
Banjara's Skin +ve Beauty Cream Review!!!
What the Brand Says : 
Brand Banjara’s was launched in 1993 with line of products that are predominantly herbal powders. The aim was to provide quality herbal powders for beauty care in a largely unorganised category.Today Banjara’s has grown from having 6 products at its inception to about 60 products across 12 product categories. Banjara’s is now a well-known brand and its products are available across all the south Indian markets as well as several e-retailers and beauty parlors..For more details You can check out here and here.
Banjara's Skin +ve Beauty Cream Review!!!
Price : INR 100
Quantity : 40 gm
Banjara's Skin +ve Beauty Cream Review!!!
Packaging : It comes in a  cute slender tube packaging with a narrow nozzle & a screw cap,with in a outer carton.
Banjara's Skin +ve Beauty Cream Review!!!
Color and Texture : This is a pale pink colored light weight cream with a super pleasant scent.
Banjara's Skin +ve Beauty Cream Review!!!
What the product Claims : Now switch to Banjara's skin +ve beauty cream and move to a positive world,where you wear your skin with pride. This beauty cream adds to your natural beauty by making it healthy,youthful and flawless.
Banjara's Skin +ve Beauty Cream Review!!!
Banjara's Skin +ve Beauty Cream Review!!!
 Key Ingredients : Olive oil,glycerine,Yashad bhasma, pomegranate fruit extract,Vitamin E, Wheat germ oil,Vitamin A,Provitamin B5.
Banjara's Skin +ve Beauty Cream Review!!!
My View On the Product :    I have used many products from Banjara's before especially in my college days.Recently they have launched two new products in the Skin +ve is the beauty cream and other is the body lotion.Today I will be reviewing the Skin +ve beauty cream,which I am using from past 4-5 weeks in place of a day cream.This cream comes in a slender tube with a nozzle, which dispenses only a small amount of product each time with out any wastage.The cream is in baby pink color and has a strong floral scent ,which I love it.The cream has a very thin consistency similar to a serum and it gets absorbed quite easily into the skin with out much effort.It doesn't feel sticky or greasy at all and suits all types of skin.It hydrates the skin well with out being heavy.It makes skin smooth and supple.It contains SPF 15 and PA++, so it takes care of complete sun protection,without the need of any separate sun screens.It contains the goodness of pomegranate extracts which helps in repairing and firming the skin effectively.It also contains olive oil and wheat germ oil which helps in hydrating the skin and improving its elasticity.I love the fact that this cream comes with out false claims of whitening etc., and it just claims of what it does like making the skin blemish free and smooth,so that it looks youthful and flawless.It is priced at a very reasonable price of INR 100 for 40 gm. A little goes a long way and so this 40 gm tube lasts very long.It serves as a good hydrating base under makeup.
Banjara's Skin +ve Beauty Cream Review!!!

Pros Of Banjara's Skin +ve Beauty Cream : 
  1. Light texture
  2. Gets easily absorbed
  3. Floral scent
  4. Comes with SPF 15 and PA++
  5. Makes skin smooth and supple
  6. Hydrates the skin well
  7. Serves as a good base uder makeup
  8. Doesn't feel heavy or greasy
  9. Little goes a long way
  10. Contains the goodness of Pomegranate, olive and wheat germ oil
  11. No  animal testing
  12. Non-allergic
  13. Travel friendly packaging
  14. Very Affordable
  15. Suits all skin types
  16. Easy availability
Cons Of Banjara's Skin +ve Beauty Cream :
  1. No complete ingredient list
Sriz Rating : 4.5/5

Final Conclusion about Banjara's Skin +ve Beauty Cream : Those who are  looking for a complete beauty cream which helps in nourishing the skin by all means,along with sun protection with in a budget,should try this Skin +ve Beauty cream from Banjara's especially  in this Summers!!!

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