Friday, April 29, 2016

My Memories with #MyInternTheory!!!


   Life is an ever changing process and we need to change accordingly. Everyone will dream of their future in some or the other stage of their life. But it is not that easy to chase our dreams, it needs a lot of hard work, passion, dedication and a bit of luck to achieve it.
My Memories with  #MyInternTheory!!!
Like every other person, I also have dreams about my future, when I was in my college. From childhood I love science subject and mathematics is always a night mare for me. I struggled hard in my school to get through the mathematics exam in each class till 10 th standard. By God's grace I successfully got through it every time, it was just my luck that helped me, but not my hard work at all. Once I am done with my class 10, I am relieved from all the tensions that I got because of the Mathematics subject as I selected science group in my class 11 or Intermediate.

Then I started dreaming about my future and planning about my career. I used to be an average student till 10th standard and suddenly from intermediate, I used to get either 1st or 2nd in the class and I have never looked back again till my post-graduation, I was always in the merit list. The only thing that drove me to the merit list is my love towards science and my passion towards it. While I was in my last semester of my post-graduation, for the first time, I prepared my first curriculum vitae (CV) with lot of confusion & editing and for the first time, I applied for an internship in the research and development department. I haven't finished my post-graduation yet but still I applied casually. One day I got a call letter from the company and I attended the interview. Luckily in my first attempt, I got selected and they offered me 6 months internship, which I can do it as a part time, like in the afternoon. So, that I can manage both studies and training.

And the day when I first received my first salary or internship, I was on the cloud nine. I felt as if I achieved everything in my life. Though it was a very little amount, still I felt like a millionaire, that one day and that one salary is so special to me and the most memorable day in my life. Though I worked only for 6 months there, still that was the best job in my career. With that little amount, I bought small gifts to my mother, father and brother. That one day in my life gave tons and tons of happiness and satisfaction that is sufficient for the entire life.

The only tip or suggestion, which I can give to all youngsters, is to keep faith in you and be confident. Always try to step ahead, even though you feel that you are incapable but never step back. The other most important thing is to act immediately and never delay any thing as time is so precious!!!

so, these are my memories with  #MyInternTheory!!!

“I’m sharing my first internship experience for the #MyInternTheory activity at BlogAdda in association with Intern Theory.”

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