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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Save Money While You Shop Online!!!


   I love shopping all the time, especially online shopping and it has become the most important part of my life, as it is the most convenient way to shop .I love to shop more when there is a sale going on, so that I can buy more products at the same price. But there won't be offers all the time and moreover there may not be offers on the favorite products. Recently I came across, where we get cash back, when we shop online on the site!!! This includes getting savings on cosmetics, skincare, hair care, and more!
Save Money While You Shop Online!!! not only give us a chance to buy our favorite products at great deals but also give us a guaranteed cashback from our purchase from 300+ online stores like Amazon, Snapdeal, Ebay, etc., and the percentage of cashback depends upon the site from which we are shopping, for example If we shop on we get 7.4 % Cash Back and if we shop on Snapdeal,we get 6.6 % cashback. There is a complete list on Shopback about the percentage of cashback on different sites. So, we get a portion of our purchase back to us in form of cash back!
Save Money While You Shop Online!!!
For this we just need to sign up with our email address, login into the site and then choose the appropriate site from where we want to shop like Amazon or Snapdeal etc., click on the particular site tab. It redirects us to the actual site, where we can shop as usual and make a purchase as we do generally. Then the percentage of cash back which we got on our particular purchase can be seen in the pending tab on Shopback site within 48 hrs and the money gets deposited in our shopback account within 30-60 days once the actual site from where we purchased validates our purchase!
Save Money While You Shop Online!!!

We can request Shopback for payout when we reach a threshold of INR 200/- That’s it!!!

So, save money while shopping Online!!!

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