Friday, May 27, 2016

Eye Care Tips For Hot Summer Days!!!

   Summers are in full swing in all most every part of the country and for the first time, the climate here in Bangalore also becoming hotter compared to previous years. We all love to go on vacations and spend longer hours outdoors, during these summer days but it may take a toll on our skin as well as on our eyes too. The ultra Violet rays are not only harmful to the skin but also to the eyes. Exposure to sun rays for longer duration may also lead to severe eye problems like Cataract, Photo keratitis and to more dreadful diseases like cancer!  We can protect our skin from harmful Sun rays by applying sunscreen or a sun block, but what about eyes???
Eye Care Tips For Hot Summer Days!!!

Do not worry I am here to help you out! Follow the eye care tips below and be ready for enjoying your summer vacation without worrying about your Eyes! 
1) Wear Sun glasses: Sun glasses not only add a stylish look to your eyes but also protect your eyes from dangerous Sun rays. But make sure to buy sun glasses which come with 100 % UV protection. Sunglasses with larger frames offer complete and better protection to eyes than those with smaller frames and it is better to choose wrap around model glasses as they also provide additional protection from dirt and pollution. Also it is better to opt for Polaroid lenses, which not only protects from UV rays but also helps in reducing the glare from reflective surfaces. So, buy a pair of Sunglasses for yourself immediately and wear them every time when you head out in sun to take proper eye care! 
2) Wear A Hat: In addition to sunglasses, wear a wide brimmed hat, which helps in preventing the sun rays from reaching the eyes. A hat also prevents skin from tanning. So don’t forget to wear a hat while going out and during outdoor activities. 
3) Stay Hydrated: Drink lots and lots of water and stay hydrated during summers as water helps in preventing the skin and eyes from dehydration and dry eye respectively.Dry eye is the condition when the tear film on the eyes gets evaporated and gives a burning sensation to the eyes. So, prevent dry eye by consuming adequate amount of water. 
4) Use a cold press: Due to the exposure of eyes to hot sun rays, eyes may become red and it may lead to itching and burning sensation. So, better wash the eyes with cold water immediately after coming home and try to give them a cold press or at least try to cool them with chilled tea bags or cucumber slices. 
5) Stay Indoors: It’s better to stay indoors during the peak hours from morning 10 A.M. to evening 3 P.M. when the Ultra Violet rays are intense. Better do your work before or after the peak hours. If you have no choice then take necessary precautions like wearing sun glasses and hat and go out!!!
So, take these important eye care tips in your life style and prevent your skin and eyes from dangerous Sun rays during summers!!!

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