Sunday, May 1, 2016

Rustic Art Celestial Rose shampoo Review!!!


   Today I am reviewing my first product from Rustic Art,which is their Celestial Rose shampoo.This shampoo is specially meant for those who have oily hair and scalp like me.
Rustic Art Celestial Rose shampoo Review!!!
What the Brand Says : 
We believe in living a life which is free of harmful toxins, chemicals and artificial elements. We define this as rustic! To bring rustic-ness to every aspect of our lives is our constant endeavour. Rustic Art is an extension of our passion towards using environment friendly, nature sensitive products.With Rustic Art we encourage use of products which are closer to nature, pure and capture the real essence of its ingredients.For more details You can check out here and here.
Rustic Art Celestial Rose shampoo Review!!!
Price : INR 350
Quantity : 200 ml
Rustic Art Celestial Rose shampoo Review!!!
Packaging : It comes in a simple yet sturdy light weight bottle with a flip cap,which is very convenient to use.
Rustic Art Celestial Rose shampoo Review!!!
Rustic Art Celestial Rose shampoo Review!!!
Color and Texture : This is a pale blue colored gel kind of shampoo with wonderful floral fragrance.
Rustic Art Celestial Rose shampoo Review!!!
What the product Claims : With goodness of Wild Rose, Wheat Protein & Geranium, this shampoo is thick in consistency and leaves the hair with a healthy bounce, shine and strength.Hand-blended & Natural Free of SLS/SLeS Free of Parabens Vegan.
Rustic Art Celestial Rose shampoo Review!!!
Ingredients : Demineralized Aqua,Disodium Laureth Sulfosuccinate,Alpha Olefin Sulphonate,Disodium Cocoamphodiacetate,Laurydimonium Hydroxypropyl,Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein,Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate,Essential Oils of Wild Rose and Geranium,Natural Preservative of OLG,Ascorbic Acid,Cocamidopropyl Betaine
Rustic Art Celestial Rose shampoo Review!!!
Directions : Take desired quantity and apply on wet hair. Rub gently.
Rustic Art Celestial Rose shampoo Review!!!
My View On the Product :   I have heard of Rustic Art before but I didn't get a chance to try out their products before and finally I got to try out their Rose shampoo from their Celestial range.It comes in a travel friendly biodegradable bottle with a flip cap.It has a very tiny opening and it just allows the right amount of product with out wastage.The shampoo has a gel consistency and very tiny amount is needed every time.It has an super refreshing floral scent which lingers for one whole day,if used alone with out using a conditioner with dominant fragrance after it.The fragrance is very fresh and soothing,I am loving it.It lathers well and removes all the dirt and grime from scalp and hair very well making it clean and fresh.It gets rinsed off easily with out leaving any residue behind.It makes hair soft and manageable.It neither controls nor promotes hair fall,so no issues.As it is meant exclusively for oily hair,it keeps hair oil free for good 2-3 days.It doesn't dry out the hair.It adds a bit of bounce to the hair.It contains the goodness of essential oils of wild rose and geranium.It is against animal testing and a complete vegan is hand blended and is free from harsh chemicals and preservatives like parabens,SLES etc.,The only con is its price,which is a bit on higher side,but a little goes a long way so one bottle lasts longer,which justifies the price.
Rustic Art Celestial Rose shampoo Review!!!

Pros Of Rustic Art Celestial Rose shampoo : 
  1. Cleanses hair and scalp thoroughly
  2. Lathers well
  3. Gets rinsed off easily
  4. Refreshing floral scent
  5. Controls oil for 2-3 days
  6. Adds a bit of bounce
  7. Makes hair extremely smooth and manageable
  8. Doesn't dry out the hair
  9. Little goes a long way
  10. Contains the goodness of geranium and wild rose essential oils.
  11. No animal testing
  12. Vegan product
  13. Biodegradable
  14. Travel friendly packaging
  15. Meant specially for oily hair
  16. Easily available online
  17. Paraben,SLS,SLES free
Cons Of Rustic Art Celestial Rose shampoo :
  1. A bit pricey
Sriz Rating : 4.9/5
Rustic Art Celestial Rose shampoo Review!!!

Final Conclusion about Rustic Art Celestial Rose shampoo: Those who have extremely oily and greasy hair should give this shampoo a try, especially in this summer season!!!

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