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Neev Aloe Neem Face Wash Review!!!


   Few days back,I have reviewed the Neev Aloe Lavender Soap and today I am reviewing Aloe Neem Face Wash, which is meant specially for acne prone skin!
Neev Aloe Neem Face Wash Review!!!
What the Brand Says :NEEV Herbal Handmade Soaps produces a variety of premium-quality, all-natural cosmetic products including everything from hair oils to shampoos to bath soaps. The products are made using cold process without adding any artificial or chemical ingredients or colours. In 2007, husband and wife Anurag and Shikha Jain pioneered the company, hoping to build an organization dedicated to helping improve the lives of rural women andchildren in an environmentally-sustainable way. Located in the Village Hurlung of Jharkhand, India, NEEV provides an honorable source of labor for women living within the village community. These women hand craft each product using a variety of organic materials, from the aloe vera, rose, tulsi, mehndi, hibiscus, bhringraj, brahmi, ashwagandha and shatavari grown in NEEV’s very own backyard to the natural plant oils purchased directly from producers and farmers. One such oil includes mahua oil—extracted from an indigenous tree of Jharkhand—traditionally used by the tribals for skincare.
To know more about the Brand.You can check out their Website as well as their Facebook Page
Neev Aloe Neem Face Wash Review!!!
Price : INR 150
Quantity :100 ml
Neev Aloe Neem Face Wash Review!!!
Packaging :It comes in an simple yet convenient plastic bottle with a spray nozzle.
Add captionNeev Aloe Neem Face Wash Review!!!
Neev Aloe Neem Face Wash Review!!!
Color and Texture : This is a off white colored liquid.
Neev Aloe Neem Face Wash Review!!!
What the Product Claims : Neem Oil controls various skin infections; Olive Oil works as a cleanser, moisturiser and protector of the skin and helps restore skin elasticity. Aloe Vera is moisturising, soothing and healing, helps with sunburn; Tulsi oil and cedarwood oil help in curing acne, pimples and prevents skin diseases, Nagarmotha oil helps in curing skin disorders.
Neev Aloe Neem Face Wash Review!!!
Availability : Available in few online stores,You can buy it from here and here
Neev Aloe Neem Face Wash Review!!!
Ingredients : Olive Oil, Neem Oil, Lye, Tween 80, Purified Water, Pure Essential Oils of Tulsi, Nagarmotha, Cedarwood and Geranium.
Neev Aloe Neem Face Wash Review!!!
My View On the Product : This Neev Aloe Neem Face Wash comes in a simple plastic bottle with a spray nozzle,which is very convenient to use and carry around.It is in off white color and has a very thin consistency. I has a very refreshing citrusy kind of fragrance,may be its the cedar wood fragrance. As it is soap free,it doesn't lather much but cleanses the skin thoroughly.It makes the skin clean and fresh.It doesn't dry out the skin.On regular usage,it helps in controlling oil as well as in preventing pimples and acne to good extent.It contains the goodness of olive oil,neem oil,essentials oils of Tulsi,cedar wood,geranium and nagarmoth. It gives a nice cooling sensation immediately after application.It is free from parabens and other harmful ingredients.It is against animal testing and it is a vegan product.It is priced very reasonably for the quantity it comes and it is available easily in many online stores.The only problem with this is ,we need a bit more product every time,as a result the bottle finishes off quickly.
Neev Aloe Neem Face Wash Review!!!
    Pros Of Neev Aloe Neem Face Wash  :
    1. Cleanses the skin thoroughly
    2. Makes skin smooth and supple
    3. moisturizes the skin well
    4. Prevents pimples and acne to good extent
    5. Controlls oil
    6. Contains the goodness of neem oil,olive oil and multiple essential oils
    7. No parabens, SLS and other harmful ingredients
    8. Refreshing fragrance
    9. Against animal testing
    10. Impressive ingredient list
    11. Reasonably priced
    12. Easily available online
    13. Travel friendly packaging
    Cons Of Neev Aloe Neem Face Wash :
    1. Finishes off quickly
    Sriz Rating : 4.6/5

    Final Conclusion about Neev Aloe Neem Face Wash:  Those who are looking for a 100% soap free gentle face wash that helps in controlling oil as well as pimples with out being harsh on the skin should give this a try! 

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