Sunday, July 10, 2016

Catch Up On the Lost Growth With Horlicks!!!


  Parenthood is the most precious time in the life of a couple and is truly a priceless gift from the God. During this phase, both the parents have to look after many things to make their child healthy and happy. They both give their 100% best to their kids, in order to help them achieve the right height and weight. Mother tries to incorporate all types of healthy food into her kid’s diet, so that they grow parallel with their age both psychologically and physically .She tries everything possible to make her kids eat all things healthy. She tries different cooking methods, shows different creativity techniques to make the food attractive for kids. So, that the kids enjoy healthy food without neglecting, so that it can help in their proper growth. Foods like milk, fruits, vegetables, pulses and whole grains help in promoting growth in children.
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Now-a-days each and every school is giving preference to extracurricular and physical activities like swimming, yoga, painting, dancing, meditation, different games like football, cricket, volley ball apart from the regular studies and they are giving one hour time to these activities daily, because of the fact that these activities will help in improving the mental & physical strength and health of kids and also in making them active and sharp!

Sometimes, how much ever care has been taken still the kids may fall behind on growth by not attaining the right height and weight as per their age or equal to similar aged kids. This not only triggers anxiety in parents but also takes down the confidence in them. There may be different reasons like poor nutrition, hereditary, environmental factors, low physical activity, low or high appetite, chronic diseases, certain vitamin deficiencies, infections etc., for this!

According to me, it is very essential for every kid to catch up on the lost growth, especially between the age of 3-9 years, which is the important growth phase for children, as it is the time when they start growing actively, the time when they start learning and start concentrating on things. If they are weak at that age, they may not concentrate properly and may not work efficiently in the future. If they cannot catch up now, it may be impossible for them to do afterwards !

In order cope up with the lost growth, it is better to consult and take advice of a Nutritionist or a Pediatrician at the right age, so that they can detect the actual cause by doing necessary tests and can prescribe the right nutritive diet and growth supplements which can help the child to catch up on the lost growth.

When nutritionally balanced food like HorlicksGrowth Plus which is a clinically proven break through nutrition formula designed by international panel of pediatric experts  for children with age group between 3- 9 years, which is the critical growth phase for children and is composed of high quality proteins like whey proteins, added essential nutrients that are known to improve the overall health in terms of weight and height of a kid, is added to the daily diet of a child, it replenishes the lost nutrition and enable children to catch up on lost growth! It is clinically proved in showing visible results by enabling the lost growth in just 6 months!!!

So, make sure to add the balanced nutritive rich food along with companion of diet like Horlicks growth plus in your child's daily diet as a food supplement, which helps them in proper growth both mentally and physically and catch up on their Lost Growth!!!

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