Saturday, July 30, 2016 SOC Placenta 3D Mask Review!!!


    Few months back I have received a bunch of sheet masks from,which I showed you here and today I am reviewing one of the sheet mask from them, which is the SOC Placenta 3D  Mask! SOC Placenta 3D  Mask Review!!!
About : Skin18 is a HongKong based website,founded by the beautiful and kind Eugenie and her sister.It is a one stop destination for all kinds of Korean skin care products like sheet masks, serums, moisturizers, toners,cleansers,suncare, cc,bb creams,eye treatment etc., Skin18 mission is to bring us the best korean skin care products that make us look Forever 18,as they believe in skin care rather than make up.They ship worldwide,they do offer free shipping on order above $40 usually but this November they are offering free shipping with order above $30  and we can shop easily with out any issues by picking our own currency and the best thing about Skin18 is that we can order sample masks and serums by  paying the shipping charges,Isn't that so cool???
To know more about them check out their social media channels here SOC Placenta 3D  Mask Review!!!
Price : U.S $1.25 SOC Placenta 3D  Mask Review!!!
What is a 3D Mask : 3D Mask means a  mask which is not flat like a sheet but instead it was well cut and sewed to a 3D face shape,so that it fits properly into the face. SOC Placenta 3D  Mask Review!!!
Directions : Clean and Dry face completely,open the pouch and unfold the mask and apply on to the face,leave for 15-45 mins while relaxing and them remove.Pat the excess serum into the skin until completely absorbed. SOC Placenta 3D  Mask Review!!!
My View On the Product : Last week I have an event to attend but I didn't have time for parlor, So I thought of trying this SOC Placenta 3D  Mask,the night before the event.The mask is packed in excess serum with in a sealed envelope. As this a 3D mask it has a special shape  for nose and chin,it fitted  perfectly and tightly to the face. I left it for 25 mins and then removed it.I patted the excess serum into the skin until the entire serum got absorbed completely.It instantly hydrated my skin and made it smooth and supple with a subtle natural glow and it gave a good brightening effect to the face.This is a placenta and collagen mask which is enriched with the goodness of green tea,aloe vera,licorice,sea weed extract and so on.The brightening effect of this mask stayed for good 3 days which is quite impressive.It is quite gentle on the face and didn't break out.It is priced very reasonably and is on discount currently.The only con  is that it contains parabens. You can check out the complete ingredient list from here. SOC Placenta 3D  Mask Review!!!
Sriz Rating : 4/5

Conclusion : Those who love sheet masks should try this new 3D shaped mask from SOC,especially this placenta variant,which serves as an instant brightening treatment to the face at an very affordable price!

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