Friday, September 30, 2016

#chhoteKadam Small Steps To A Healthy Heart !!!


    September 29th marks the World Heart Day and on this occasion I would like to share few small steps or to say more precisely small changes which I follow to keep my Heart Happy! Recently my close friend and classmate died due to Heart Attack at the age of just 26, which came as a shocking and at the same time warning for me, which made my mind to think about the heart and I was very much depressed when I heard about the demise of my friend and from that day I have been incorporating few lifestyle changes that will help and protect my heart in the long run by preventing diseases!

Here are the steps, which I have started following recently and advice you also to follow regularly as it definitely help you in one or the other way and please start thinking about your heart, which in turn helps in keeping your total body healthy!
#chhoteKadam Small Steps To A Healthy Heart !!!

1) Stay Active:  It is very important to stay active as it helps in keeping your heart active, as you work harder, automatically your heart works better and as a result you are less likely to get diseases like High blood pressure which is the major cause of heart attacks. Staying active also prevents many other diseases like Type 2 Diabetics, Coronary Artery diseases and even in preventing some types of cancers. So, start exercising for at least 30 minutes in a day, it can be anything like walking, jogging, yoga, aerobics, any type of dance like zumba to keep your-self active and energetic !!!

2) Eat Healthy: Eating healthy is the utmost important thing for being fit. Taking a balanced diet that is rich in Proteins, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, choosing the right cooking oil helps in weight management which is the main concern these days. Incorporating whole grains, cereals, fruits, vegetables, eggs regularly in the diet helps in supplying all the essential nutrients to the body that are necessary for a healthy heart and body!

3) Being Happy: In these busy lives, the only thing which everyone has these days  are the Stress and anxiety, which are the major  causes for the heart strokes and other heart related dieseases. So, try to reduce your stress, don't take anything seriously except health and try to be as cool as possible, try to be happy every time!!!

 “I am joining the Saffolalife #ChhoteKadam initiative in association with BlogAdda and follow these small steps for a healthy heart.”

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