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The Nature's Co Nori Hair Cleanser Review!!!

        I am always a big fan of 'The Nature's Co' products as they are 100% reliable .I tried most of their hair cleansers and their Barley Hair Cleanser and Hibiscus Anti Dandruff Hair Cleanser were my favorite.During their recent Flash sale,at flat 50% Off,I stocked up on my favorites and also thought of giving the Nori Hair Cleanser a try! So,I bought it and have been using it from past 3 weeks! Read on to know how it worked for me ⬇⬇⬇
The Nature's Co Nori Hair Cleanser Review!!!
About the Brand : 'The Nature's Co' is a brand dedicated exclusively to products made of best quality natural ingredients that are completely vegan and are against animal cruelty.It explored the five purest forms of nature, which are the elements of air, sun, forest, earth and water. This exploration has led to the creation of five distinct ranges Atmospure, Starrize, Foressence, Earthborne and Aquaspark. Each range embodies the goodness and appeal of the element that inspired it.The products at The Nature's Co. are absolutely environment friendly. The material that has been used for packaging is recyclable and bio-degradable.The Nature’s Co. products are PETA certified which means that the company is completely vegan friendly and also practices non-cruelty to animals. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), the largest animal rights group in the world, is based in the United States with two million members and supporters.

The Nature's Co Nori Hair Cleanser Review!!!
Price : INR 795
Quantity : 250 ml
Shelf Life : 2 years
The Nature's Co Nori Hair Cleanser Review!!!
What the product Claims : Get lustrous,luxurious hair with Nori Hair Cleanser.Derived from red algae it is deeply effective in revitalizing and enriching your hair.This cleanser has elastin and minerals that will restore your hair to its glossy,strong,nourished best.
The Nature's Co Nori Hair Cleanser Review!!!
Availability : Buy it at
The Nature's Co Nori Hair Cleanser Review!!!
 Ingredients : Nori Extract,Vegetable Glycerin,Aloe Vera Plant Extract,Apple Cider Vinegar,w/s base,Aroma,Natural preservatives Q.S.
The Nature's Co Nori Hair Cleanser Review!!!
*What Is 'Nori' ? : Nori is the Japanese name of the edible species of Red algae.It is enriched with the rich amounts of nutrients and Antioxidants which help in preventing hair fall and promoting hair growth.The enzymes present in Nori helps in keeping a check to Dandruff and the antibacterial property helps in preventing scalp infections and itching.It provides the hair roots with necessary vitamins and nutrients and helps in giving a good boost of hydration to the hair.The Nori effectively  removes dirt,oil and dead cells from the scalp and as a result the hair looks visibly clean and fresh!
Nori -Pic source- google 
My View On the Product : The Nature's Co Nori Hair Cleanser is meant for dry hair.I have oily scalp and hair before but from past 3-4 months my hair became dry but scalp remains oily. So,I thought of giving this a try!This hair cleanser comes in their signature transparent square topped rectangular bottle with a blue flip cap similar to their Evening Primrose Hair Cleanser.The cap shuts tightly and there is no chance of leakage but the bottle is a bit huge,which may not be travel friendly,which is why,I love to save samples,which I receive in Beauty Wish box for travel purpose.All the information like ingredients,directions,price etc., are written on the labels.The cleanser is in pale bluish green color and has a gel consistency.It has aquatic kind of mild fragrance as this cleanser is from aqua spark range,which uses aquatic and coastal ingredients like sea weed,red algae etc.,
The Nature's Co Nori Hair Cleanser Review!!!
The cleanser lathers well and removes all the dirt and grime effectively from the hair making it clean and fresh.It gets rinsed off easily with out leaving any residues behind.It is a bit drying when used on dry hair and I feel the need of a conditioner after that but when used on oiled hair,it gives a nice shine and bounce to the hair.It makes hair soft and manageable.It clears the dandruff flakes on the scalp effectively and gives good nourishment to the hair.As mentioned earlier this has a gel consistency and I use it by mixing one part of this to two parts of water.In this way it works much better and also a little quantity is sufficient every time!
The Nature's Co Nori Hair Cleanser Review!!!
As the name suggests,it contains Nori,a seaweed,which is rich in vitamins,minerals and antioxidants which takes care of all hair issues like hair fall,dandruff,dryness etc., effectively and gives necessary nourishment to the hair making it healthy and shiny. In addition to this it contains Apple cider vinegar,one more effective ingredients which helps in keeping the scalp clean and fresh,also helps in keeping the scalp infections at bay.It also contain Aloe vera extract which is also one more wonderful ingredient that helps in giving good hydration to the hair!
The Nature's Co Nori Hair Cleanser Review!!!
Like all other hair cleansers from TNC,this cleanser is also 100% natural,Vegan product which is cruelty free,Peta certified,chemical free,SLES free ,paraben free product.This contains completely natural ingredients and comes in eco-friendly recyclable packaging.

Pros Of The Nature's Co Nori Hair Cleanser :
  1. Cleanses the hair and scalp thoroughly making it fresh and clean
  2. Adds  shine and bounce to the hair
  3. Removes oil and dirt effectively from the hair 
  4. Aqua fragrance
  5. Attractive packaging
  6. Made from natural ingredients
  7. Contains the goodness of Nori,Aloe Vera,Apple Cidar vinegar
  8. Free from parabens and harmful chemicals
  9. Lathers well
  10. Gets rinsed off easily
  11. Helps in preventing dandruff to some extent
  12. Reduces infections and itching
  13. Easily available on online e commerce sites
  14. Peta certified
  15. Vegan product
  16. Recyclable packaging
Cons Of The Nature's Co Nori Hair Cleanser   :
  1. Some may feel it pricey
The Nature's Co Nori Hair Cleanser Review!!!
Sriz Rating : 4.9/5

Final Conclusion about The Nature's Co Nori Hair Cleanser This gentle yet effective hair cleanser is good for all hair types as it takes care of all hair issues to a good extent as well as the Nori  gives nourishment to the hair and helps in making it shiny and strong!!!

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