Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Youth Entertainer Chitra Vichitram in Tamil!!!

    The future of the nation depends on the Youth of the country! As the youth will be the future leaders of the country, a strong foundation along with proper guidance is essential for them. The countries which encourage their youth in the right direction are more developed. Few people like Sachin Tendulkar, M.S. Dhoni,  Sania Mirza,  Leander Paes,Saina Nehwal, P.V.Sindhu, Viswanathan Anand, Karanam  Malleshwari,  P.T. Usha,  Sushmitha Sen, Aishwarya Rai, A.R. Rehman etc., showed the power of Youth by achieving success in their respective fields at a very young age! The creativity, Zeal, Interest, Passion, Energy, the versatility of the younger generation speaks wonders for the country!
The role of parents and that of teachers play an important as well as a crucial role in raising a child into a responsible citizen of the country! Pushing a child into an unsuited career is not advisable as it not only affects the child’s interest but also makes the child face several challenges and pressure. parents should allow their children to choose their own career there are several other fields like sports, music, film making , Acting, marketing etc where children can make their careers in., 

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Recently I watched Chitra Vichitram, an original Telugu comedy web series streaming on  ZEE5 this show also has a Tamil version named Aahaa, the story of which revolves around two young men Abhi and Sidhu, who have been best of friends for many years. Abhi who is a naughty kid turns into a smart employee after college, whereas Sidhu who is a studious child end being unemployed. Later on, Sidhu expresses his desire in making an independent film. Abhi also joins hand and they both approach a producer, who suggests Ramya for the female lead in the film. Then follows a series of hilarious incidents where these men try to impress Ramya by neglecting their focus on filmmaking. They start fighting for small things and make their lives a mess, The climax of the series in which these two men complete the movie in spite of all these troubled situations is wonderfully shown and the entire series is a huge hit as the story is very engaging and reliable to the youth. 

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This Chitra Vichitram (Aahaa in Tamil) web series has set an example for the youth in encouraging their career in filmmaking and acting. It also gives a message that if you have faith in yourself, if you follow your own passion with confidence, without compromising for anyone else, you’ll be successful for sure!!!

Monday, October 1, 2018

The Love Story With Morals!!!

    Like Mahatma Gandhi Said "Where there is Love, there is Life" Love is the essence of Life! It is the magic that keeps us growing and glowing. Love is a positive energy, which has the power to heal all the wounds! It can beat anything like sorrow, hatred, anger, pain, rivalry, challenges, envy, jealousy, sufferings etc it can make any person happy! Love is not only a priority in life, but is also favored in the entertainment industry too! The stories on the big screen, as well as the small screen, usually revolve around love stories. As love stories are always a game changer, they make movies and serials commercially a hit!
    Nowadays television serials in India are so popular that at least one person in any household watches these television serials, on a daily basis. Majority of this audience consists of housewives. The serials, especially in south Indian languages like Telugu and Tamil, revolving around love stories have a high Television Rating Point (TRP) compared to normal stories about kitchen politics. A Tamil Daily serial Poove Poochoodava, is one such popular show that airs on Zee Tamil and ZEE5, which is a video on demand website run by ZEE Entertainment Enterprises Limited , daily since 24th April 2017 with highest TRP ratings, quite a few times This serial is a remake of Telugu romantic soap Varudini Parinayam, which has aired on ZEE Telugu from 2013 to 2016 with almost 950 episodes.
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Poove Poochoodava, starring Dinesh, Reshma, Krithika Laddu, Madhan Pandian Uma Padmanabhan and Yuvarani, is a Tamil drama, which showcases a love story between a rich boy and a lower-middle-class girl, who are poles apart in their thoughts, behavior and aspirations. The story revolves around these two main leads and their families. Dinesh plays the character of Shiva, who is from a rich business family, who loses his mother in an accident, is inconsiderate about others’ feelings and on the other side Reshma plays the character of Shakthi, who is exactly contradictory to Shiva, is a hard-working girl from lower middle class household and has a close relationship with her siblings and respect for others’ feelings.
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 This is directed by G. Manikanda Kumar and developed by Abdhulla. It has recently aired 400 episodes with a good reach among the audience. The producer of Poove Poochoodava, Mr. Narayanan said that it is not only an extraordinary love story but also a complete family entertainer that focuses on Morals and also adds that it's not your mainstream love story.

Poove Poochoodava is overall a great story, loved by both the states ( Telugu and Tamil language audience)!

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Sentida Bath & Body Works Dark Chocolate Handmade Soap Review!!!


    Recently I have reviewed few products from Sentida, which is their Peach Lip Balm and Chocolate Body Polish today I am reviewing one more product which is their  Dark Chocolate Soap!
Sentida Bath & Body Works Dark Chocolate Handmade Soap Review!!!

What  the brand 'Sentida' Says : 

We are into natural skin care products. 

Our products include:

cold process soaps
Face scrubs 
Body polish 
Lip Balms 
Body Wash 

Cold process soaps:
We manufacture cold process soaps rich in essential oils that nourish your skin keeping it rejuvenated and moisturised

Face scrubs.
The two variants are Active almond and Active charcoal 

Active almond:It softens the skin and retains the natural oil 

Active charcoal:It brightens the complexion flushes out toxins leaving skin refreshed and healthier looking 

Chocolate body polish : it removes dead skin cells and moisturises the skin 

Lip Balms:
Comes in 3 variants. Lemon, Mint & Peach

Body Wash:

Yusuf Mas. Lyang grass. Irish Coffee & Jasmine.
You can check out their Instagram as well as their Facebook Page.
Sentida Bath & Body Works Dark Chocolate Handmade Soap Review!!!

Price : INR 275
Quantity : 125 gm
Sentida Bath & Body Works Dark Chocolate Handmade Soap Review!!!
Ingredients : Shea Butter, Virgin olive oil,Castor Bean Oil,Virgin Coconut oil,Milk Fresh cream,Clay blend,Fragrance/Essential Oil Blend,Sodiumhydroxide.

Sentida Bath & Body Works Dark Chocolate Handmade Soap Review!!!

My View On the Product: This Sentida Bath & Body Works Dark Chocolate Handmade Soap comes in a simple plastic wrap with paper label with all the details of the soap on it. This is the one of the best soaps which I have used so far.It has double layers and it lathers very well with rich creamy foam and cleanses the skin from deep within making the skin exceptionally clean and soft.It gets rinsed off easily and doesn't dry out the skin.It doesn't melt easily and lasts super long!This has an amazing chocolate fragrance which lingers for few hours!

This Dark Chocolate Soap is enriched with the goodness of Shea Butter, Virgin olive oil,Castor Bean Oil,Virgin Coconut oil, along with Milk Fresh cream,which makes the skin super soft and moisturizes the skin by giving essential nourishment.It also contains clay blend,which helps in removing impurities from the body.It is very gentle on skin including the face.It is free from parabens and other harmful chemicals.It is against animal testing.It is priced reasonably when compared to the quanity it comes!

Sentida Bath & Body Works Dark Chocolate Handmade Soap Review!!!
Sriz Rating : 5/5
Sentida Bath & Body Works Dark Chocolate Handmade Soap Review!!!
Final Conclusion about Sentida Bath & Body Works Dark Chocolate Handmade Soap  : Those who love handmade natural soaps which are enriched with natural ingredients and free from harmful chemicals and preservatives should definitely give this soap a try!

Friday, August 10, 2018

Types of Stylish Kurtis That are Worth Trying for Every Occasion!!!

Kurti is one such ethnic wear clothing which you can wear as a informal wear and as social gathering wear as well. While it is so in style amongst women, they should know regarding all the multiplicity they can find in Kurtis. Perceptibly, you will not like to wear the same kind of Kurti design for the whole life. Women love to experiment and look for variety.
Trying out dissimilar types of Kurtis has turn into a development of the fashion world. From the incredibly setting up of kurtis, the female beauty got an advance with an enormous variety of contradictions, colours and forms. Style designers and brands are impending up with innovative types of kurtis every day to provide the requirements of the people.
Below are different types of kurtis which you will love to try:
Frock Kurti:
Frock Kurti's are the best type of attire and can be worn as daily Wear, informal Wear and also for college if matched up with Scarf. You can pair it with ankle length leggings, jeggings. You can also try it without bottom to give the best look of one piece.
Frock Kurti
A-Line Kurti:
A line kurtis is most excellent for casual wear and could be paired with Leggings, Churidar, Jeggings, Salwar etc. You can join up it up with radiance and not too weighty earrings for an extra graceful look. These type of kurtis are unsurpassed for women with apple shape figure and pear shape figure.
A line kurti
 Anarkali Kurti:
Anarkali Kurti is the all-time favorite types of kurtis. You can wear it as daily wear, for parties, functions, weddings, festivals etc. For a celebratory look, you can match it up with cultural jewelry, jhumkas and clutch. They go preeminent when worn with body competent bottoms like leggings, churidar; palazzo pants and is an overwhelming selection for women with all types of body.

Trail Cut Kurti:

Trail Cut Kurtis are finest for events like mehendi, night parties, weddings, dinner and you can also wear it on dates. You can also wear them exclusive of bottoms as a dress or else with jeggings and scrawny jeans. Match up these kurti with decent jewelry, Pencil heels or any former heels and a clutch to throw the superlative with this type of kurti.

Trail Cut Kurti

Flared kurti:

Flared kurtis appear very attractive and can be tries on every occasion and as a daily wear. Close-fitting leggings seem most excellent with them but you can moreover wear it devoid of any bottoms as a dress for a contemporary look. It appears excellent exclusive of any accessories as a informal wear. If you desire, you can wear slim strip wristwatch and lofty heels with it for a twilight gaze.
Flared kurti

Angrakha Kurti:

Angrakha Kurti is an immense option for office, daily wear, informal wear, social gathering wear (silk, georgette, chiffon, net and chanderi types of fabrics), and for small family events. You can match it up with churidar, leggings, and palazzo to look wonderful with this kind of kurti. For a dusk look, you can wear extended classy earrings or else jhumkas for any diminutive event. It’s possibly the top preference for you if you have an apple shape, pear shape, rectangle shape and hour-glass shape figure.

Angrakha Kurti

Indo-Western Style Kurti:
These are stunning, with creations and mixes of the Indian and western types of kurtis. You can pick the measurement lengthwise as necessary. Dazzling colors set off well with this kurtis. You can try leggings or match it up with no bottom.

Gown style kurti:
This is a kurti which stretches up to the ground, and bestows an imperial look to you. Shadowy colors with vivid embroidery go well with this fashion. You can wear petite sleeves or can try sleeveless Kurtis in this style.
Gown Style

Pakistani kurtis:
These are lengthy, loose-fitting and straight. You can show off it as a casual wear or a social gathering wear. Individualize the knee length or lengthy ones consonant to your structure.

High-low Kurti:
This is a innovative selection to the bunch, and arrives with a shorter hem in the front and longer hem at the back. You will come across stylish indeed when you wear it for celebrations and occasions. Correct selection of leggings is to be made. You will obtain the all essential womanly touch to your individuality.

Kaftan Style Kurti:
This kind of kurti also has a designer look, with plunge sleeves and a free fit. These can be worn out with leggings or jeans, endowed you have a rectangular figure.

Tulip Kurti:
This is wrought like a flower and proceeds well with youthful college girls. You can show off diverse types of jewellery and stylish shoes alongside with the kurti. This is perfect to be worn out at parties.

Overlay Kurti:
This is an exclusive mode of kurti, and the superimpose starts precise from the waist to convey a impressive look to you. If you prefer this one, confirm to dig up in contact with matching jewelry.

The different types of kurtis and charismatic range never fail to impress us.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Satthwa Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo Review!!!


    I am back after a break and today I am reviewing Satthwa Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo, which I am using from past 3-4 weeks. This is a Sulfate free shampoo which is enriched with the goodness of Moroccan Argan oil along with several other important oils like Jojoba etc., Check out the complete review to know how it worked for me?
Satthwa Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo Review!!!
Price :  INR 499 /-
Quantity : 200 ml

Satthwa Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo Review!!!
Packaging :This oil comes in a brown colored tube with a flip cap.
Satthwa Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo Review!!!

What the Product Claims : Satthwa Argan Oil shampoo is infused with Moroccan Argan Oil, Botanical Keratin, Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Coconut Oil & Avocado Oil. It is Sulfate & Paraben Free
Satthwa Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo Review!!!

Ingredients : Moroccan Argan Oil, Avocado Oil, Jojoba Oil, Botanical Keratin, Coconut Oil, Almond Oil,Hibiscus oil,Aloevera gel,Neem extract etc.,
Satthwa Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo Review!!!
My View On the Product: I am a great fan of Satthwa Premium hair oil, which is my all-time favorite hair oil. When I am searching for a sulfate free shampoo,I found this Satthwa Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo and immediately I bought it without any second thought and tried it. I have been using this Satthwa Argan Oil shampoo from past 3-4 weeks, Once a week. This Shampoo comes in a sturdy travel-friendly brown colored tube packaging with a flip cap. The packaging is quite stylish. The shampoo has a mediocre consistency and has a mild herbal kind of fragrance, which reminds me of Shikakai fragrance. It lathers well and cleanses the scalp and hair thoroughly making it clean and fresh. It gets rinsed off easily without leaving any residues behind. A little goes a long way and one tube lasts easily for more than 15 washes, which makes it cost-efficient.
I have tried using this shampoo to both oiled hair and dry hair. It worked well for both ways. There is no need of conditioner if used for oiled hair and if using for dry hair, you may need a conditioner after it. This shampoo has super impressive ingredients like the
 1)Moroccan Argan Oil is known for making the hair smooth and silky.
2) Almond Oil nourishes and strengthens the hair and helps in reducing the hair fall.
3) Avocado Oil helps in generation of new hair follicles.
4) Jojoba Oil helps in moisturizing the hair strands
5) Hibiscus Oil helps in preventing hair fall
6) Neem Extract helps in preventing scalp infections and dandruff
7) Coconut oil which helps in preventing most hair issues
along with these oils, this shampoo also contains botanical Keratin, which helps in reducing the frizziness of dry hair.
  The best thing about this shampoo is it is Sulfate free, Preservative free, Alcohol free and is suitable for all hair types.
Satthwa Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo Review!!!
Sriz Rating : 4.9/5
Final Conclusion about Satthwa Argan Oil Shampoo: Overall, it is an All-in-one shampoo which is chemical free and takes care of all hair issues and makes hair healthy and soft in a natural way!It is all worth for the price!

You can check out more about the Shampoo from their website here.

You can buy it from Flipkart here.

Monday, July 23, 2018

'Saree'- The Most Versatile Indian Attire!!!

    As we all know that India is a diversified country and there is an immense variety in Indian culture. Indian culture is a blend of various cultures belonging to different castes, religions, regions etc., It’s a land of unity in diversity which indeed is the Strength of the country. Different groups of people belonging to different cultures live together and help each other to live as a single society! Each culture has their own style of traditional clothing. Out of many traditional dresses in India, Saree takes the number one position for Indian Women. Saree is probably the oldest traditional dress of India. Though there is a number of other Indian Traditional dresses like Salwar kameez, Lehangas, Ghagra cholis etc., for the important occasions like wedding, Saree is the main attire for brides.

     A saree has gone through several changes over the years since its inception and in terms of designs, patterns, colors, like Cotton, Silk, Georgette, Satin, Chiffon, net, Crepe etc., and is known with different names like Kanchipuram   pattu, Paithani, mundu, Banarasi etc., in different parts of India. In terms of advancement in the fast-changing world, Designer Sarees are of the latest craze as the fashion designers  use their skills to enhance the beauty of the saree by using different materials like mirrors, threads, glass, gotta, metals, wood etc., for embroidery with rich patterns and combinations and also  to make the saree look elegant & extraordinary ! These heavy embellished designer sarees are apt for marriages, functions, and parties as they enhance the beauty of women.
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A Saree can be worn in different ways with different styles of draping and it can be accessorized with numerous varieties of accessories. A saree can be paired with an innumerable number, color, and variety of blouses. It is appropriate for any occasion like wedding, birthday parties, family functions, festivals, gatherings, meetings, dinner etc., and can be worn as a daily wear and as office wear! Though the origin of saree is in India especially Southern India, it has now become favorite for different women across the world. Many women from other countries like USA, UK, Canada etc., are showing a lot of interest in wearing Sarees.
     The beauty of a saree lies in the way of draping it. There is a number of ways in which a saree can be draped. A basic saree draping looks easy but it’s quite tricky and complicated at times. Saree draping differs in different parts of the country and each state and each region has their own way of styling a saree. A saree can be worn by any women irrespective of their age, height, personality, religion etc.,
Since Centuries, Saree has been ruling the Indian Women Wardrobes and has become a staple. It is the most important attire in most Indian Cinemas ranging from Tollywood to Bollywood. Many celebrities in not only India but also Hollywood like Angelina Jolie, Lady gaga, Selena Gomez love to wear a saree. A saree is truly a  versatile attire worn by most Indian Women!

The Game Changer For Every Woman!!!

   Fashion is always a key for women to present themselves to the world. Each and every Woman wants to look better and they always focus on the latest trends in Fashion! Trends in fashion keep changing every now and then. New styles, patterns, prints etc., come into existence with changing trends. Whatever may be the trend in clothing like Ethics, Western, Traditional, and Fusion wear etc., a good fit is important for the entire look of the dress or costume. Without that perfect fit, no look is perfect and complete. For most Women looking good is the first priority in life and they follow different styles and trends to achieve that desired look.

  A Bra helps in elevating the beauty of a woman in any attire by giving the perfect shape to their breasts, as breasts play a major role in achieving the perfect look of a girl or a woman. It helps in boosting the confidence of a woman. Every woman may not have the perfect breasts. Some may have smaller ones, some may have heavier boobs. Few others may have problems with their breasts like sagging, losing the right shape etc., due to different causes and situations like Pregnancy, Menopause, Strenuous physical exercises, age, stress, health problems etc.,  But a bra can solve most of the problems instantly and helps in lifting the sagged breasts thereby giving the right shape to them.
Source : Google
Nowadays bras are available in the market with different styles, patterns and designs based on the different needs of a woman. The different styles in bras include

1)   Minimizer Bra: These bras are designed to visually reduce the circumference and projection of chest to give a smaller look to the bust for those who have heavier busts. 

2) Padded Bra: As the name suggests this bra has a pad which helps in preventing nipple show under tight fitting dresses and T-shirts. It is available in wire-free and underwire versions.

3) Pushup Bra: These bras gently push the breasts up and closer to give a sexier cleavage.

4) T-shirt Bra: These are padded seamless bras which give a nice look for T-shirts. These are a must for everyday wear for office and college.

5) Convertible Bra: These bras have detachable straps, which can be used in multiple ways and the straps can be hooked to different slots located on the front and back of the bra. So, this one bra can be used under multiple outfits.

6) Strapless Bra: These bras comes without straps and these are designed exclusively for shoulder-baring outfits. These bras have strong under band for supporting the two cups and helps in preventing the fall off!

7) Sports Bra: These are a must for those women who exercise regularly. These are sturdier and are designed to prevent bounce and to give support to busts during strenuous exercises.

   These are just some of the variants of bras but there are lot more varieties available in the market. The most important point to remember while buying a bra is to choose the right size by measuring the band size and cup size accurately because a perfect Bra is the real Game Changer for every Woman!!!