Monday, July 23, 2018

The Game Changer For Every Woman!!!

   Fashion is always a key for women to present themselves to the world. Each and every Woman wants to look better and they always focus on the latest trends in Fashion! Trends in fashion keep changing every now and then. New styles, patterns, prints etc., come into existence with changing trends. Whatever may be the trend in clothing like Ethics, Western, Traditional, and Fusion wear etc., a good fit is important for the entire look of the dress or costume. Without that perfect fit, no look is perfect and complete. For most Women looking good is the first priority in life and they follow different styles and trends to achieve that desired look.

  A Bra helps in elevating the beauty of a woman in any attire by giving the perfect shape to their breasts, as breasts play a major role in achieving the perfect look of a girl or a woman. It helps in boosting the confidence of a woman. Every woman may not have the perfect breasts. Some may have smaller ones, some may have heavier boobs. Few others may have problems with their breasts like sagging, losing the right shape etc., due to different causes and situations like Pregnancy, Menopause, Strenuous physical exercises, age, stress, health problems etc.,  But a bra can solve most of the problems instantly and helps in lifting the sagged breasts thereby giving the right shape to them.
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Nowadays bras are available in the market with different styles, patterns and designs based on the different needs of a woman. The different styles in bras include

1)   Minimizer Bra: These bras are designed to visually reduce the circumference and projection of chest to give a smaller look to the bust for those who have heavier busts. 

2) Padded Bra: As the name suggests this bra has a pad which helps in preventing nipple show under tight fitting dresses and T-shirts. It is available in wire-free and underwire versions.

3) Pushup Bra: These bras gently push the breasts up and closer to give a sexier cleavage.

4) T-shirt Bra: These are padded seamless bras which give a nice look for T-shirts. These are a must for everyday wear for office and college.

5) Convertible Bra: These bras have detachable straps, which can be used in multiple ways and the straps can be hooked to different slots located on the front and back of the bra. So, this one bra can be used under multiple outfits.

6) Strapless Bra: These bras comes without straps and these are designed exclusively for shoulder-baring outfits. These bras have strong under band for supporting the two cups and helps in preventing the fall off!

7) Sports Bra: These are a must for those women who exercise regularly. These are sturdier and are designed to prevent bounce and to give support to busts during strenuous exercises.

   These are just some of the variants of bras but there are lot more varieties available in the market. The most important point to remember while buying a bra is to choose the right size by measuring the band size and cup size accurately because a perfect Bra is the real Game Changer for every Woman!!!

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