Monday, October 1, 2018

The Love Story With Morals!!!

    Like Mahatma Gandhi Said "Where there is Love, there is Life" Love is the essence of Life! It is the magic that keeps us growing and glowing. Love is a positive energy, which has the power to heal all the wounds! It can beat anything like sorrow, hatred, anger, pain, rivalry, challenges, envy, jealousy, sufferings etc it can make any person happy! Love is not only a priority in life, but is also favored in the entertainment industry too! The stories on the big screen, as well as the small screen, usually revolve around love stories. As love stories are always a game changer, they make movies and serials commercially a hit!
    Nowadays television serials in India are so popular that at least one person in any household watches these television serials, on a daily basis. Majority of this audience consists of housewives. The serials, especially in south Indian languages like Telugu and Tamil, revolving around love stories have a high Television Rating Point (TRP) compared to normal stories about kitchen politics. A Tamil Daily serial Poove Poochoodava, is one such popular show that airs on Zee Tamil and ZEE5, which is a video on demand website run by ZEE Entertainment Enterprises Limited , daily since 24th April 2017 with highest TRP ratings, quite a few times This serial is a remake of Telugu romantic soap Varudini Parinayam, which has aired on ZEE Telugu from 2013 to 2016 with almost 950 episodes.
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Poove Poochoodava, starring Dinesh, Reshma, Krithika Laddu, Madhan Pandian Uma Padmanabhan and Yuvarani, is a Tamil drama, which showcases a love story between a rich boy and a lower-middle-class girl, who are poles apart in their thoughts, behavior and aspirations. The story revolves around these two main leads and their families. Dinesh plays the character of Shiva, who is from a rich business family, who loses his mother in an accident, is inconsiderate about others’ feelings and on the other side Reshma plays the character of Shakthi, who is exactly contradictory to Shiva, is a hard-working girl from lower middle class household and has a close relationship with her siblings and respect for others’ feelings.
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 This is directed by G. Manikanda Kumar and developed by Abdhulla. It has recently aired 400 episodes with a good reach among the audience. The producer of Poove Poochoodava, Mr. Narayanan said that it is not only an extraordinary love story but also a complete family entertainer that focuses on Morals and also adds that it's not your mainstream love story.

Poove Poochoodava is overall a great story, loved by both the states ( Telugu and Tamil language audience)!

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