Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Youth Entertainer Chitra Vichitram in Tamil!!!

    The future of the nation depends on the Youth of the country! As the youth will be the future leaders of the country, a strong foundation along with proper guidance is essential for them. The countries which encourage their youth in the right direction are more developed. Few people like Sachin Tendulkar, M.S. Dhoni,  Sania Mirza,  Leander Paes,Saina Nehwal, P.V.Sindhu, Viswanathan Anand, Karanam  Malleshwari,  P.T. Usha,  Sushmitha Sen, Aishwarya Rai, A.R. Rehman etc., showed the power of Youth by achieving success in their respective fields at a very young age! The creativity, Zeal, Interest, Passion, Energy, the versatility of the younger generation speaks wonders for the country!
The role of parents and that of teachers play an important as well as a crucial role in raising a child into a responsible citizen of the country! Pushing a child into an unsuited career is not advisable as it not only affects the child’s interest but also makes the child face several challenges and pressure. parents should allow their children to choose their own career there are several other fields like sports, music, film making , Acting, marketing etc where children can make their careers in., 

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Recently I watched Chitra Vichitram, an original Telugu comedy web series streaming on  ZEE5 this show also has a Tamil version named Aahaa, the story of which revolves around two young men Abhi and Sidhu, who have been best of friends for many years. Abhi who is a naughty kid turns into a smart employee after college, whereas Sidhu who is a studious child end being unemployed. Later on, Sidhu expresses his desire in making an independent film. Abhi also joins hand and they both approach a producer, who suggests Ramya for the female lead in the film. Then follows a series of hilarious incidents where these men try to impress Ramya by neglecting their focus on filmmaking. They start fighting for small things and make their lives a mess, The climax of the series in which these two men complete the movie in spite of all these troubled situations is wonderfully shown and the entire series is a huge hit as the story is very engaging and reliable to the youth. 

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This Chitra Vichitram (Aahaa in Tamil) web series has set an example for the youth in encouraging their career in filmmaking and acting. It also gives a message that if you have faith in yourself, if you follow your own passion with confidence, without compromising for anyone else, you’ll be successful for sure!!!

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