Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Everteen Menstrual Cup Review!!!


   Recently I have reviewed Everteen Panty Liners and today I am reviewing one more product from the brand which is their Menstrual Cup.It is available in two sizes Small 'S' and Large 'L'  and I am reviewing the size 'S' today!
Everteen Menstrual Cup Review!!!
Price : INR 435
Quantity : 1 cup

Product Claim : The small everteen Menstrual Cup is ideal for light to normal flow and provides you up to 12 hours of leak-proof protection during periods. Made of medical-grade silicone, everteen Menstrual Cup is soft, easy and 100% safe to use. everteen Menstrual Cup gives you freedom to perform all your activity Yoga, Dance, Swim and more.

  • Reusable for as long as 10 years
  • Leak free protection for up to 12 hours
  • No menstrual odour, dryness, discomfort, itching or rashes
  • Lesser need to remove and reinsert compared to changing sanitary pads
  • Lesser cramps due to the suction created by the seal of the everteen® Menstrual Cup
  • No risk of flooding or period disasters due to sneezing
  • Freedom to pursue sports and other outdoor activities such as swimming, dancing, gymming, yoga and more. 
Everteen Menstrual Cup Review!!!
Availability : These are available easily  from online stores like Amazon and Flipkart!
Everteen Menstrual Cup Review!!!
My View On the Product: In the beginning,when Menstrual cups just entered the market,I felt what the hell is it? who will wear this scary thing ? but after hearing all the raving reviews,I finally gave this Everteen Menstrual cup a try with so much hesitation in my mind and surprisingly I liked it so much that I forgot  sanitary pads and tampoons completely. Once you know how to insert it properly into the vagina, your periods will become a breeze,as you don't feel any discomfort or trouble at all.It comes in a sturdy cardboard box and a nice pouch to store it when not in use.If you are a first time user,you need to practice,as it needs many attempts to get inserted properly ,but donot use in non-period days as our cervix will be in a different position and better to use a panty liner or a sanitary napkin to be safe in case of any spillage!
Everteen Menstrual Cup Review!!!
This Menstrual cup is made up of medical-grade silicon .It is soft ,easy and 100% safe to use.It doesn't cause irritation or rashes in the area.It is highly comfortable to wear and gives freedom to perform all our activities like dancing,yoga, swimming, household chores etc.,
Everteen Menstrual Cup Review!!!
There are few points to remember while inserting the menstrual cup into the vagina!
1) Make sure to wash your hands properly before inserting.Wash the menstrual cup with  everteen intimate wash or sterilize it with boiling water.
2) Wash the exterior vaginal area with intimate wash.
3) Sit in a relaxed squating position and fold the cup ,then insert into the vagina at 45 degrees angle.
4) You can hear the pop up sound when the cup opens inside.Then push furthermore untill the cup is comfortable.(check the picture above to get the proper idea )
5) Empty the cup every 7-8 hrs and rinse the cup in boiling water or with an intimate wash.

The best thing about this cup is it can be used multiple times for up to 10 years and it can give 12 hrs protection at a stretch.It is available in two sizes Small 's'for light flow people and  Large 'l' for Heavy flow people.It is very cost effective when compared to pads and tampoons!
Everteen Menstrual Cup Review!!!

Pros :
  1. Convenient packaging
  2. Made of medical grade silicon
  3. Soft material
  4. Non irritating
  5. No spillage
  6. Easy to carry
  7. Gives protection up to 12 hrs
  8. Can be re-used for up to 10 years
  9. Cost effective
  10. Easy availability
  11. Easy to use
  12. Easy to clean
  13. Doesn't cause rashes
  14. Gives freedom to do all the activities
  15. Environmental friendly
Cons :
  1. May be difficult to find offline
  2. Cleaning may be difficult when in public place
  3. Might be scary in the beginning
Everteen Menstrual Cup Review!!!
Sriz Rating : 5/5
Final Conclusion about Everteen Menstrual Cup : This Everteen Menstrual Cup is a super innovative product which gives complete freedom to do all our activities during periods as it is super comfortable and no spillage at all,gives protection upto 12 hrs.Highly recommended!

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