Thursday, May 2, 2019

Everteen Premium Sanitary Napkins Review!!!


Today I am reviewing one more important product for all the teenage girls and Women,which is the Everteen Premium Sanitary Napkin. Though I switched to Menstrual cup recently, I still use sanitary napkins in the night time.
                                                       Everteen Premium Sanitary Napkins Review!!!
Price : INR 166
Quantity : 30 liners
                                                Everteen Premium Sanitary Napkins Review!!!
Product Claim : 100% natural cotton surface for instant dry and soft feel,8 layer protection & extra absorbent · With wings for a secure fit and super soft sides for comfort· Unscented ultra-thin sanitary pads for medium to heavy flow (free of artificial scents and fragrances)· Antibacterial negative ion chip helps prevent bacterial multiplication & eliminates odour Ultrathin and extra absorbent Breathable layers help keep moisture away · Food grade nontoxic adhesive helps keep pad in place. Introducing the all new Everteen natural cotton sanitary napkins which are designed with 8 layers of serious protection to maximize absorbency, comfort & dryness during your menstrual days. Surface of everteen napkins is made of 100% natural cotton which is comfortable and non-irritating unlike other sanitary napkins which are made of rayon. 8 Layer protection of everteen sanitary napkins: 1. Both Side protection to prevent leakage 2. Large Surface of 100% natural cotton for an instant dry and soft feel 3. Negative ion strip neutralize odour and relive menstrual discomfort 4. Sterilised air laid paper to guide menstrual fluid to superabsorbent polymer centre 5. Biodegradable polymer gel which absorb fluid effectively keeping the pad dry 6. Sterilized air laid paper for extra protection 7. Breathable bottom layer allows air to circulate, eliminates moisture & heat 8. Food grade non-toxic glue allows best fit to panty.Please visit their Facebook page to know more!
Everteen Premium Sanitary Napkins Review!!!

Availability : These are available easily from online stores like Amazon and Flipkart!
My View On the Product:These Everteen Premium Sanitary Napkins comes in a beautifully designed cardboard box and these napkins are individually wrapped and are super easy to carry anywhere.These are very soft as the top layer is made of 100% cotton and they give instant dry and clean feel.These are very gentle on the delicate skin and doesn't cause redness or rashes. These are designed with 8 layer protection and extra absorbent material. These are unscented and breathable.They have an antibacterial negative ion chip which helps in preventing bacterial multiplication and odour control capacity. These are ultra thin and hence we don't feel them while wearing. They have sticky tape on the backside and side wings which attaches to the underwear well and helps in keeping the pad intact .The biodegradable polymer gel effectively absorbs the liquid keeping the top layer dry for good 6-7 hrs.These are good for medium flow and the pad has sufficient length.
Everteen Premium Sanitary Napkins Review!!!

Coming to my experience ,I have used sanitary napkins from many brands till now but I always come back to whisper every time but after trying this I didn't go back because these are equally efficient in absorbing the fluid and keeping the area dry at a much lesser price and also the top layer is super soft and gentle on the skin as it is made of pure cotton. One pad gives complete protection for the entire night when I have medium flow.I change the pad every 5-6 hrs for hygienic purpose but this can give protection up to 9 hrs. These are unscented which is a big plus point as most of the other pads in the market are heavily scented which irritate the sensitive noses like mine.
Pros :
Convenient packaging
Non scented
Soft top layer which is made of 100% cotton
Non irritationg
Individually wrapped
Odour control
Antibacterial strip
Super absorbant gives longer protection
Easy availability
Easy to use
Slim and flexible
Doesn't cause rashes
Keeps the intimate area fresh and clean

Cons :
The shape of the wings takes a bit of more time to stick.
Everteen Premium Sanitary Napkins Review!!!

Sriz Rating : 4.6/5
Final Conclusion about Everteen Premium Sanitary Napkins : These Everteen sanitary napkins have soft cottony top layer with a bacterial strip which helps in preventing the rashes and odour. These give good protection for more than 7 hrs with medium flow. These are a must try for every teenage girl and adults too!