Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Keep Up With The Trends For This Navratri Festival!!!

Navratri Festival is very popular in our country. Unlike many other festivals, it is celebrated in many different states like Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Bengal. Out of all, the state that celebrates this occasion with a lot of colour and joy is Gujarat. It is one of the most special occasions of this state and is 9 days long. Each of the 9 days of this occasion holds significant meaning to it. 

Navratri is celebrated with traditional and modern music and people dancing in it. This dance form is known as Garba, which is electrifying and graceful. Also, many people play dandiya on this day that again adds a fun element on this day. 

For most of the people, the Clothing on this traditional occasion plays a very important part. They wish to look the best on each day of the Navratri. The Navratri attires are very colourful and traditional. From different attires including Kurtis, saree, lehenga, indo-western and more, you can define your perfect attire. The right attire will help you shine on this occasion. These are chosen carefully in the context of colour, cut, design, embellishments, work and silhouette. Many different colours are known to be perfect for the Navratri and that’s why people get a lot of choices. If you are playful then you can choose nine different attires for all nine days. Just don’t forget to style them in the right way. So here are some styling tips that will help you to keep up with the Trends and to get a perfect look for this festival: 

Perfect Clothing Styles:
Keep Up With The Trends For This Navratri Festival!!!
• Bright And Beauty: Bright colours look perfect at the time of Navratri. As you know, this occasion is all about colours then the theme should be reflected in your attire. The brightest your attire would be, the best you will look.

• Half and Half Haven: The half and half colour look again helps you to fit in the Navratri vibes. It is a combination of two colours, where one is dark and other is light. This style helps you to get a balanced look. 

• Pastel Shades: In today’s time, the pastel shades are very in. These are soothing and gives happy vibes to your kurtis or your sarees. The pastel shades with floral prints make a beautiful combination.

• Colourful Dupatta: Colourful dupatta has the power to enhance any of your attire. It looks the best with white kurtis. The market is full of colourful dupattas, so you can choose something according to your kurtis, lehengas or crop top and skirt.

Perfect Jewellery Styles:
Keep Up With The Trends For This Navratri Festival!!!
• Colourful Bangles: The Colourful bangles have the power to make your any attire instantly ready for the Navratri occasion. These are beautiful and vibrant. Women of any age group can go for it.

• Daring Dazzler: Dazzlers are the hanging earrings that look great with any attire. At the Navratri occasion, these earrings can help you to get the proper bling. You will enjoy its perfect length and shine.

• Modern Mang Tika: No Navratri attire can be completed without a mang tika. And for someone who is a fan of traditional look should go for it. You can choose a modern mang tika for a trendy look.

• Chokers: The Silver chunky Chokers looks perfect in the Navratri time as these are not that shiny and helps your attire to get a contemporary look. While dancing, these necklaces will not create too much movement and make you feel comfortable.

Perfect Additional Accessories:
Keep Up With The Trends For This Navratri Festival!!!
• Clutch: Clutch is a small handbag that looks perfect with ethnic attire. As you must be wearing something heavy and don’t have any pocket, the clutch will help you to carry everything finely. Also, it will make you feel comfortable on Navratri.

• Bracelet or watch: If you are not a fan of bangles, you can wear a bracelet or watch with your Navratri attire. It will not look too bulky and will be easy to carry. You will enjoy the sophisticated look of these accessories.

• Footwear: The footwear with your attire plays a very important role in defining your comfort. So don’t go for a new pair of footwear on the Navratri occasion and choose something that serves you with comfort. Also, match the colour of your footwear with your attire.

Perfect Hair Style:
Keep Up With The Trends For This Navratri Festival!!!
Hairstyle plays a very important role in defining your overall look. And you should go for something cute and clean. For a better look, you prefer fish-tail braids, bun with a pouf or vintage curls. If you want to experiment with your look, then try to add some colours. Highlights and temporary colour both looks the best on your hair.

So, keep up with these trends and look your best on this Navratri Festival!