Thursday, December 26, 2019

Everteen Natural Intimate Foam Wash Review!!!


  I am back with the review of Everteen Natural Intimate Foam Wash, which is an improvised option for the prior Everteen Natural Intimate Wash, which I have reviewed a few years back!
Everteen Natural Intimate Foam Wash Review!!!
Price : INR 300/-
Quantity : 150 ml

Everteen Natural Intimate Foam Wash Review!!!

Packaging : This Foam wash comes in a white colored sturdy travel-friendly bottle with a pump dispenser and a transparent cap.
Everteen Natural Intimate Foam Wash Review!!!
NaturalActiveIngredients: Neem, Sea Buckthorn, Tea tree Oil, Aloe vera, Base to wash.
Everteen Natural Intimate Foam Wash Review!!!
Directions for usage : Wash your intimate area and hands with clean water. Wash your external vaginal area with everteen Natural Intimate Foam Wash and rinse thoroughly with clean water. Use daily during morning shower and at night before sleep.
Everteen Natural Intimate Foam Wash Review!!!

What the product claims :
  • Everteen Natural Intimate Foam Wash helps protect and clean the vaginal area while maintaining natural pH balance for optimal intimate health
  • An easy to use foaming wash especially for the intimate areas made with natural active ingredients such as neem, sea buckthorn, tea tree oil and aloe vera
  • Gently nourishes intimate skin while tough on various vaginal infections such as candida
  • Prevents bad odor in the intimate area, helps you feel fresh and clean the entire day
  • A quality product from everteen, the leader and pioneer in complete feminine intimate care that offers a range of products for women health and hygiene
Everteen Natural Intimate Foam Wash Review!!!

My View On the Product : This Everteen Natural Intimate Foam Wash comes in a super sturdy white colored travel-friendly bottle with a pump dispenser, which dispenses the right amount of product. A single pump dispenses enough foam to clean the entire vaginal area for one time. Compared to the intimate wash or gel, foam is much better and easier to use.It cleanses the intimate area well and makes the area clean and fresh, without irritating the skin. It maintains the skin's natural Ph balance, thereby keeping the area healthy.It helps in keeping the yeast infections at bay. It is a must for every girl and women, especially pregnant women, who are prone to infections more!
    It is enriched with the goodness of natural ingredients like Neem,Tea tree oil, Seabuckthorn, Aloevera, which helps in preventing infections with their strong anti-bacterial properties, keeps the area odor-free and also maintains vaginal moisture.

Everteen Natural Intimate Foam Wash Review!!!

Pros :
  1. Easy to use
  2. Keeps Vaginal Infections at bay
  3. Maintains natural Ph balance
  4. Protects Vaginal flora
  5. Keeps the area fresh and clean
  6. Prevents bad odor
  7. Reduces itching and irritation
  8. Helps in maintaining vaginal moisture
  9. Little goes a long way
  10. Affordable
  11. Travel-friendly packaging
  12. Enriched with many natural ingredients
  13. Easy availability
  14. Maintains complete feminine hygiene
Cons :

  1. Only active ingredients mentioned
Sriz Rating : 4.8/5

Final Conclusion about Everteen Natural Intimate Foam Wash!!! : This is a must-try for every girl and woman who is particular about intimate hygiene, as it takes care of all the issues like itching, bad odor, irritation, infections related to the vaginal area and helps in maintaining complete feminine hygiene!

You can check out more about the product from their website here.

You can buy it from Flipkart and Amazon!

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