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Nature Sure Thumba Wonder Hair Oil Review!!!


      As a mommy of a naughty toddler, I always run out of time and it's been ages since I visited a salon. The busy lifestyle took a toll on my skin and hair, which lead to dull skin and frizzy hair with severe hair loss. My hair was falling like crazy and my hair was seen on every corner of my house. One day when I had little time, I oiled my hair with 'Thumba' oil, which was lying in my closet for a long time and in just one use it made my hair soft and manageable, though there is not much difference in hair fall initially. I continued oiling my hair twice a week from then onwards and I could see a lot of improvement in my hair growth.Let's head to the review to know more about this product!
Nature Sure Thumba Wonder Hair Oil Review!!!
Price : INR 340/-
Quantity : 110 ml
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Packaging :This oil comes in a simple yet sturdy , travel-friendly green colored translucent plastic bottle packaging with a flip cap with in a cardboard box packaging.It also has a white-colored inner cap for extra protection.
Nature Sure Thumba Wonder Hair Oil Review!!!

Ingredients :Thumba,Bhringraj,kranj,kapoor kachri,til oil,mustard oil.
Nature Sure Thumba Wonder Hair Oil Review!!!
Directions for usage : Gently massage on scalp and hair for 15 minutes every day so that the oil penetrates the roots of hair follicles. 
Nature Sure Thumba Wonder Hair Oil Review!!!
What the product claims : Check below image ↓
Nature Sure Thumba Wonder Hair Oil Review!!!

My View On the Product : This Nature Sure Thumba Wonder Hair Oil is colorless and has a very strong herbal fragrance. It is a light oil and is nonsticky.It gets absorbed quickly and gets rinsed off easily with a mild shampoo, doesn't leave any smell post washing.I have been using this oil twice a week at bedtime. In first use itself,it made my dry and frizzy hair smooth and soft. On regular usage for more than 2 months, it brought a great improvement in my hair texture by reducing the split ends,it strengthened the hair strands and has reduced my hair fall to a noticeable extent. It made my hair look bouncy and mainly it helped in preventing dandruff. The one thing to remember is that my hair fall is reduced only after multiple uses and is not achieved overnight.

This oil is filled with the goodness of Thumba, a desert fruit that helps in regaining the hair follicles back to the growth phase . Along with Thumba, this oil also contains Bhringraj, Mustard oil, sesame oil,Kapoor kachri etc.,This is reasonably priced and a little goes a long way.

Nature Sure Thumba Wonder Hair Oil Review!!!
Pros :
  1. Makes hair frizz-free
  2. Strengthens hair strands
  3. Reduces hair fall
  4. Adds volume to the hair
  5. Little goes a long way
  6. Affordable
  7. Travel-friendly packaging
  8. Enriched with many wonderful herbs
  9. Easy availability
  10. Light weight and nonsticky
  11. Gets rinsed off easily
Cons :
  1.  Strong herbal fragrance may not be liked by sensitive noses
Sriz Rating : 4.8/5

Final Conclusion about Nature Sure Thumba Wonder Hair Oil!!! : This oil should be definitely added to your hair care regimen,if you have multiple hair issues like dry frizzy hair,dandruff, hair fall etc., as it helps in reducing all of those on regular usage and it is very affordable compared to many other costly hair oils which do the same job.
You can check out more about the oil from their website here.

You can buy it from Flipkart and Amazon!

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