Monday, January 6, 2020

Everteen Toilet Seat Sanitizer Review!!!


      Today I am reviewing Everteen Toilet Seat Sanitizer, which is a must-have product for all those who are very particular about health and hygiene, especially when you are traveling!
Everteen Toilet Seat Sanitizer Review!!!

Price: INR 185/-
Quantity: 90 ml
Everteen Toilet Seat Sanitizer Review!!!
Packaging : This Sanitizer comes in a white colored spray tin with a transparent cap.Super convenient to use and to carry!
Everteen Toilet Seat Sanitizer Review!!!
Ingredients: Benzalkonium Chloride and Isopropyl Alcohol
Everteen Toilet Seat Sanitizer Review!!!
Directions for usage : Shake the spray, hold it upright and spray affected area at elbow-length distance. Wait for 5 seconds to allow sanitizer to evaporate before using the toilet.
Everteen Toilet Seat Sanitizer Review!!!
What the product claims : Everteen Toilet Seat Sanitizer is a safe, effective, and instant disinfectant spray for women. It protects you from risk of infections while using a public toilet or restroom at a mall, airport, railway station, bus stand, office, college, hotel or other public place.

A quality product from feminine hygiene brand Everteen, this Toilet Seat Sanitizer comes in a compact, handy and lightweight can that can easily fit in to a handbag or purse. With its pleasant aroma and powerful ingredients, you can rest assured that the toilet seat will be squeaky clean and free from germs in just 5 seconds. What’s more, the dermatologically tested formulation of Everteen Toilet Seat Sanitizer evaporates almost immediately so you’re ready to use the toilet in just a few more seconds. You don’t even need to wipe it before using the sanitized toilet.

So, go ahead, and choose yet another blockbuster product from Everteen, your trusted partner in complete feminine hygiene!

  • Kills germs in just 5 seconds, helps prevent UTI & other infections
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Compact to give you a handy and pleasant hygiene-on-the-move
  • Use it on toilet seat, seat cover, flush lever, faucets and doorknobs
  • A quality product from everteen®, the complete feminine health and hygiene expert
My View On the Product: This Everteen Toilet Seat Sanitizer comes in a sturdy white colored travel-friendly spray tin bottle with a transparent cap. It is very easy to use as we need to just spray from a 10-inch distance and wait for just 5 seconds and the toilet seat/any other area gets disinfected. It has a very mild pleasant fragrance. It is very effective and kills the germs in a few seconds and makes the area squeaky clean and safe to use. There is no need to wipe also. It is perfect to use while using public toilets in airports, malls, hospitals, trains,bus stations, colleges etc., and also to use in our home toilets especially when you have small children in the house. It can also be used on flush lever, taps,door knobs, toilet seat cover etc.,It is dermatologically tested.It is harsh on germs but soft on skin. It prevents many infections like Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) which is caused mainly due to the usage of contaminated toilets and also UTI has become the most common problem these days especially for Women.I used to be very doubtful about whether to use or not to use toilets in public places especially on long journey trains but now I have the freedom to use public toilets in emergency cases without any guilt.
Everteen Toilet Seat Sanitizer Review!!!

Pros :
  1. Disinfects areas like a toilet seat, seat cover, faucets, doorknobs, etc.,
  2. Easy to use
  3. Instantly kills germs
  4. Pleasant fragrance
  5. Prevents bad odor
  6. Travel-friendly
  7. Dermatologically tested
  8. Helps in preventing UTI and other infections
  9. Affordable
  10. Easy availability
  11. Helps in complete feminine hygiene
  12. Gives freedom to use public toilets

Cons :

  1. None

Sriz Rating : 5/5

Final Conclusion about Everteen Toilet Seat Sanitizer!!! : This is a must-have for all especially working women, those who travel frequently , and to those who need to use the toilet in public areas more. It instantly disinfects the area and makes the area safe to use. It helps in preventing infections especially UTI. It is dermatologically tested!

You can check out more about the product from their website here.

You can buy it from Flipkart and Amazon!

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