Tuesday, May 5, 2020

NEUD Hair Remover Spray Review!!!


   I am back with the review of NEUD Hair Remover Spray, which is launched recently by the well known Wet and Dry Personal Care products! This is super easy to use and it is very effective in removing unwanted hair from the body! Let's move on to the review to know more!
NEUD Hair Remover Spray Review!!!
Price : INR 290/-
Quantity : 100 ml

NEUD Hair Remover Spray Review!!!
Packaging : This NEUD Hair Remover spray comes in a Black and gold-colored bottle with a spray nozzle, within a black colored cardboard package with all the information about the product printed on it.
NEUD Hair Remover Spray Review!!!
Ingredients: Purified Aqua,Glycerine, Calcium hydroxide,Thioglycolic Acid,Sodium Hydroxide,Perfume.
NEUD Hair Remover Spray Review!!!
Directions for usage : Spray widely,wait for 5 minutes,wipe gently and rinse.
NEUD Hair Remover Spray Review!!!
What the product claims : NEUD Hair Remover Spray is a modern and convenient method of removing hair easily, quickly and gently. Suitable for men and women, it gives you the freedom to just spray and wipe unwanted hair away! Yes, you read it right – it’s really that simple. What’s more, NEUD Hair Remover Spray helps you be party-ready in just five minutes! To know more about the product and to buy Please check out their website neud.co.in
NEUD Hair Remover Spray Review!!!
My View On the Product : This is a newly launched product and it is one of the best useful products in the market right now for busy women and men,as it removes unwanted hair super quickly without any hassles. It needs to be sprayed widely on the body parts like arms or feet and after 5 minutes,it should be wiped and then rinsed gently. It also comes with a pair of coin tissues, which makes the wiping process easier. It gives a mild tingling sensation initially but it goes away after a few seconds.It removes the hair very effectively and also removes the tan in that area.It comes in a super comfortable, travel-friendly packaging, which is very easy to use anywhere. It is paraben-free and chemical-free. It suits all skin types except for the sensitive skin types. It is always advisable to do a patch test before using any new product!
NEUD Hair Remover Spray Review!!!
Pros :

  1. Effectively removes unwanted hair on legs and arms
  2. Travel-friendly packaging
  3. Super easy to use
  4. Hassle-free
  5. Gentle on the skin
  6. Removes tan in that area
  7. Paraben free
  8. Easy availability
  9. Can be used by both Men and Women

Cons :
  1. Some might feel it pricey!

Sriz Rating : 4.7/5

Final Conclusion about NEUD Hair Remover Spray !!! : This is a very useful innovative product which helps in removing unwanted hair within few minutes without any hassles.It is paraben and safe on most skin types.It can be used by both men and women!

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