Saturday, May 23, 2020

#SheNeedsPad A Great Initiative By Everteen!


     Lockdown is one of the most important steps taken by the Government to control the spread of COVID 19. It has its own pros and cons. Lockdown is not the same for everyone, it might not be a trouble for rich and middle-class people, but it has a great effect on poor and daily wage workers who have lost their income and struggling to get their daily bread. Some good-hearted people, NGOs,etc., are extending their helping hand to provide the daily essentials for such low-income communities.
#SheNeedsPad  A Great Initiative By Everteen!

   Everteen, the expert in complete feminine health and hygiene has taken a great initiative called #SheNeedsPad to help the needy women in rural areas to get access to free sanitary pads during the lockdown by donating 1 million free sanitary pads. 

 You can also help. Please share and forward this message to as many women as possible. Your one forward or one share can help a needy woman. Go to to donate free pads. Thank you.

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