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Everteen Menstrual Cup Cleanser Review!!!


    Today I am reviewing Everteen Menstrual Cup Cleanser, which is a very good option to clean the menstrual cup. I have switched to a menstrual cup a year ago and I used to feel a little bit hesitant to clean it with soap, as I am not sure if I am cleaning it properly or not, but after I tried this product I am pretty sure that it's 100% clean and hygienic.
Everteen Menstrual Cup Cleanser Review!!!
Price : INR 360/-
Quantity : 200 ml
Everteen Menstrual Cup Cleanser Review!!!
Packaging : This Everteen Menstrual Cup Cleanser comes in a white-colored plastic bottle with a pump dispenser and cute little brush within a cardboard box with all the details printed on it.
Everteen Menstrual Cup Cleanser Review!!!
Ingredients: Aqua, Acidum Citricum,Crodasinic  lS30,Lemon oil,Palm Kernel,Sodium Benzoate,Sodium Citrate,Potassium Sorbate
Everteen Menstrual Cup Cleanser Review!!!

Directions for usage : Check below image 
Everteen Menstrual Cup Cleanser Review!!!

What the product claims : Everteen Menstrual Cup Cleanser is specially formulated to provide you a cleaner, disinfected menstrual cup in just 5 minutes after use to give you full relief and peace of mind during the period days. Using the menstrual cup, touching it with hands or just keeping it in contact with the outer atmosphere can attract germs that cling on to its surface. everteen Menstrual Cup Cleanser helps to flush off any residue, stains or irritants to ensure that you do not risk getting an infection while using your menstrual cup.

With 100% food-grade active ingredients, everteen Menstrual Cup Cleanser is completely safe for your skin. It prevents and fights off bacterial and fungal growth and helps maintain natural pH balance. This easy-rinse formula is tough on stains yet gentle on skin.

This pack contains a special brush that you can use with the everteen Menstrual Cup Cleanser to sanitize and sterilize the menstrual cup. Its soft bristles keep the surface of your menstrual cup safe from scratches. Make sure you rinse the menstrual cup thoroughly with clean water after washing with everteen Menstrual Cup Cleanser.


everteen Menstrual Cup Cleanser helps disinfect the menstrual cup in just 5 minutes.

It contains 100% natural active ingredients that have anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.

This unique natural plants-based formula is easy to rinse yet tough on stains.

everteen Menstrual Cup Cleanser comes with a special brush that does not damage the outer surface of the menstrual cup, so it will remain soft for longer when in touch with your delicate skin.

everteen Menstrual Cup Cleanser is a quality product from everteen, the leader and pioneer in complete feminine intimate care that offers a range of products for women health and hygiene.

To know more please check out their website

Everteen Menstrual Cup Cleanser Review!!!
My View On the Product : This Everteen Menstrual Cup Cleanser comes in a sturdy travel-friendly plastic bottle with a pump dispenser, which is super easy to use. The liquid is in pale yellow color with a mild scent. I have been using the Everteen Menstrual cup for more than a year and I am pretty happy with it. Whenever the menstrual flow is heavy, the cup used to stain a bit and needed extra effort and time to clean it properly, but when I started using this cup cleanser, my job became easy as it cleanses the cup super efficiently making it squeaky clean in very less time. The best thing is that this cleanser comes with a small brush which comes super handy to clean the cup inside and outside. I prefer to clean it by directly pouring the cleanser into the cup and rinsing, rather than using a container. It is very reasonable as a little goes a long way. It is completely safe on the skin as it is made of plant-derived active ingredients that are harsh on germs but gentle on skin. This cleanser helps in removing all kinds of germs, stains, and irritants from the menstrual cup and makes it safe to use again and again.
Everteen Menstrual Cup Cleanser Review!!!

Pros :

  1. Cleanses the cup very well
  2. Removes germs, irritants and stains effectively
  3. Gets rinsed quickly and easily
  4. Comes with a super useful brush
  5. Travel-friendly packaging
  6. Super easy to use
  7. Made from plant-derived ingredients
  8. Gentle on the skin
  9. Tough on germs
  10. Contains Antibacterial and anti-fungal properties
  11. Paraben free
  12. Easy availability
  13. Little goes a long way

Cons :
  1. Some might feel it pricey!
Sriz Rating : 4.7/5

Final Conclusion about Everteen Menstrual Cup Cleanser  !!! : Those who are using a menstrual cup (of any brand )should definitely try this super-efficient cup cleanser by Everteen, which makes the cup germfree and stain-free and makes it ready for reuse. 

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