Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Bella Vita Organic Growth Protein Volume Conditioning Shampoo Review!!!


    Today I am reviewing one more product from Bella Vita Organic, which is their  Growth Protein Volume Conditioning Shampoo, which is one of the best shampoos I have used so far! Without any delay let us move on to the review to see how it worked for me!
Bella Vita Organic Growth Protein Volume Conditioning Shampoo
Price : INR 399/- (Now at INR 299/-)
Quantity : 225 ml
Bella Vita Organic Growth Protein Volume Conditioning Shampoo
What the Brand Says : .Bella Vita Organic or 'The Good Life' is a leading natural beauty and skincare brand committed to building handcrafted, organic solutions invigorated by the natural elements of the earth and ancient skin and hair care practices. As a brand, we encourage our new-age consumers to analyse their skin and feed it accordingly. We aspire to satisfy and preserve your body necessities using environmentally responsible ingredients. We adore delivering regime-oriented skincare products and services with round the clock expertise navigating you through every step of your self-care journey.
Bella Vita Organic Growth Protein Volume Conditioning Shampoo

Packaging: It comes in a transparent bottle with a flip cap.
Bella Vita Organic Growth Protein Volume Conditioning Shampoo

What the product Claims :  Having healthy hair can feel like a dream! To get healthy and shiny hair,the best way is to switch to Ayurvedic Growth Protein Conditioning Shampoo by Bella Vita Organic,which is Power-packed with natural ingredients like black seed oil, apple cider vinegar, Brahmi and neem extracts, the anti-frizz volumizing shampoo is a must-have! It seals the moisture into your hair, keeping them conditioned and preventing hair breakage. Also, it nourishes and strengthens the hair making them less brittle and healthier.It detoxifies your scalp from oil buildup and dandruff, stimulates and unclogs the hair follicles for better hair growth.

Indeed a fan-favourite, the shampoo provides for soft, smooth and manageable Rapunzel-like hair locks. Suitable for all hair kinds, it is the ideal choice for colour-treated, chemically-processed, heat-damaged, or sun-exposed hair. From healthy scalp to healthy hair, this bestselling do-it-all shampoo caters to every concern of yours.

Bella Vita Organic Growth Protein Volume Conditioning Shampoo
Ingredients : Please Check below Image
Bella Vita Organic Growth Protein Volume Conditioning Shampoo
My Views On the Product: This Bella Vita Growth Protein volume conditioning shampoo comes in a simple yet sturdy travel-friendly transparent plastic bottle with a flip cap. The shampoo is in dark brown colored with a gel kind of consistency. There are black colored seeds inside(they are not coming out and I can see only when the entire shampoo gets finished),I guess they are coffee seeds, as the shampoo smells of fresh coffee. It lathers very well and cleanses the hair and scalp thoroughly making it super clean and fresh. It gets rinsed off easily without leaving any residue behind. It makes hair soft and smooth. I have an oily scalp and dry hair , this has helped me a lot in clearing the oil buildup on the scalp without drying out the hair strands.It maintains the pH balance of the scalp. It also helps in getting rid of dandruff to a good extent. It is suitable for all hair types and also for colored hair as well as chemically treated hair. As it is a conditioning shampoo, there is no need for extra conditioner for normal hair but dry hair people may need conditioner.

      This shampoo is enriched with the goodness of  Almond oil, Brahmi,bhringraj, neem extracts along with Argan oil, Black seed oil, and Onion Seed oil. The good thing is it is all-natural, handmade, cruelty-free, and also free from harmful chemicals like parabens, sulfates, synthetic dyes, alcohol, mineral oil, etc., It is easily available from e-commerce sites like Amazon etc.,It is reasonably priced and a little goes a long way!
Bella Vita Organic Growth Protein Volume Conditioning Shampoo

Pros :
  1. Fresh coffee Fragrance
  2. Lathers well
  3. Cleanses the hair thoroughly
  4. Makes hair super clean and soft
  5. Doesn't weigh down
  6. Adds volume to the hair
  7. Clears the oil build up on the scalp well
  8. Gets rinsed off easily
  9. Contains the goodness of all-natural ingredients
  10. Free from parabens and other harmful ingredients
  11. Against animal testing
  12. A  little goes a long way
  13. Travel friendly packaging
  14. Maintains pH balance of the scalp
  15. Removes Dandruff to a good extent
Cons :
  1. Some might feel pricey
Sriz Rating : 4.6/5 
Final Conclusion about Bella Vita Growth Protein Volume Conditioning Shampoo: This is an All-in-One shampoo with all-natural goodness without any chemicals! It does its job very well and worth a try!

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