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I'm Sri and I'm from  Andhra pradesh and based in Bangalore,Karnataka after marriage. I am the Founder,Author and  Editor of this  Sriz Beauty Blog (http://www.beautytints.com/). I started this blog in March 2014, to share my collection of unique and effective Home remedies/Home made solutions for all beauty ailments and overall improvement of Skin,Hair and Body.I always crave for beautiful, radiant flawless skin and in search of achieving it, I have tried several home remedies and also beauty products,which helped me to get what I wanted.I always believe in natural beauty and I focus mainly on home based solutions for get ridding problems like pimples,acne,hair fall etc.,I am not a makeup person and except for special occasions,I do  prefer simple makeup mostly with basic items like kajal,mascara,nude shades of lip sticks,CC/BB creams,sunscreen and compact powder.

In this blog you will find mostly DIY (Do It Yourself) recipes of face packs/masks, hair packs,hair oils,face scrubs,body lotions,body scrubs,lip scrubs,bath powders etc., and beauty product reviews.Occasionally, you will find makeup product reviews,nail art tutorials etc., To follow my blog via Facebook, click on the like button of the page here at https://www.facebook.com/srizbeautyblog 

 I am super happy to let you all know that we are starting Mom & Baby Section where you can find a lot of Mom and Baby related product reviews! Being a new Mom is the most responsible as well as the most exciting phase! I have been searching the web intensively before I try a new product on my baby, as baby's skin is super delicate and sensitive and I do not want to take any chance.Before applying anything to my baby, I use it on my skin for 3-4 days, if it is fine, then only I apply it to my baby! I thought to share my views on Baby products which I am using for my baby so that at least few Moms out there find it useful! But I am just giving my opinion based on my own experience, I am no way a Skin expert or a Doctor!

Contact : For any queries or requests please drop me a mail at srizbeautyblog@gmail.com

Disclaimer and Policies : All the recipes,reviews posted in this blog are tried and tested by myself (unless stated otherwise). This is a personal blog and everything written here is completely based on my opinions for general purpose. I am not a trained professional or expert, but I share the recipes which are tested prior by me and which worked for me. I use my own pictures for every post in this blog(unless stated otherwise).The opinions expressed in the reviews of products are my own and genuine. Please do not copy or reproduce the content and pictures from the blog with out prior permission from me(contact me at srizbeautyblog@gmail.com),as it takes lot of hard work and effort in taking the pictures.

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